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Eldest by Christopher Paolini
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Jan 27, 2009

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It took me foooreeeeeeeeeeveeeeeer to finish this book. 6 months I’d guess. It wasn’t exactly that I didn’t like it. I just didn’t like it as much as some other book I might be reading. It is also that this sort of book isn’t exactly my cup of tea. This is hard core fantasy. I can take a lot of fantasy as long as there is something that I can hold on to that is similar the real world. This book didn’t really have anything for me to hold onto. The book basically starts right were Eragon left off.

I should start with the beginning but I actually don’t remember a lot of it now. What I remember is that there were a lot of politics going on in the Varden that Eragon played a big part in it. This part I struggled with. It wasn’t exactly that it wasn’t interesting; it was just that ever little decision that anyone made was this huge, giant, massive, colossal deal. Make one wrong move and boom you’ve ruined someone’s life, offended someone in power who can do some damage, killed some people, or changed history forever (don’t worry no pressure). This is the first half of Eragon’s story but you also get to see some of Roran’s. Roran has to deal with the aftermath of Eragon’s departure. The Raz’ac are after him and so he has to deal with so much from the village to his love, Katrina. There were times that I was more interested in Roran’s story than Eragon’s (especially when Eragon was with the elves).

The second half of the book has Eragon learning the Ways-of-the-Riders. I don’t know about anyone else but I thought it was pretty aggravating that Eragon had to call his teacher “master”. And was anyone else annoyed with the elves because they really really annoyed me. They do yoga (they call it something else but its yoga), they are vegetarians (nothing is really wrong with that except that think they are better than other species because of it), they are super strong, super fast, vain, can do magic, and did I mention live forever. To top it all off they think they are pretty much better than all other species as I said before. They think humans are slow and uneducated. Dwarves are irrational as well. It’s not the cocky kind of better either it’s the “I’m better and I know it” kind. It’s like a given fact to them; there is no question in their minds that they are the best. And they are actually pretty boring other than their spectacular abilities.

Eragon makes all these mistakes and Saphira isn’t the best all the time either. Arya is irritating and I wouldn’t mind if Eragon all of a sudden changed his mind and stop groveling over her. Arya is actually not as interesting as I thought she would be. Once you find out her “secret,” which really wasn’t that surprising, she doesn’t give you much else. She is basically just another problem on the list of problems Eragon has. And it’s not just him, its everyone who has problems. To be honest it was kind of hard to keep up with them. There were a few characters that I liked such as Orik (the dwarf), Saphira, Roran, and Nasuada.

It isn’t a light read and there was little to no comic relief. If nothing else I saw real character development in Eragon, Roran, and Saphira. The book was interesting and I’m going to read the third book I think because despite being annoyed with the elves, the details, and some of the characters I want to know how Eragon’s story ends. This is why I try to avoid series because I always feel compelled to read all the books and sometimes the library doesn’t have them all or you have to wait forever for the next book to come out. However the ending of Eldest I think gave a fairly good setting for the third book Brisingr.
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Julie S. I'm with you on this. This book took me at least 5 or 6 months since I kept getting sidetracked with other more interesting books.

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