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Broken Warrior by Jocelynn Drake
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good premise, fun story

Rating: 3.25 🌈

The combination of a great cover and a fantasy author who’s stories I’d enjoyed brought me to Broken Warrior, the first in The Weavers Circle series by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott.

I found the premise of the series arc really interesting and full of potential. The idea that long ago a tear was created between worlds to allow another species access to our world to steal energy and resources to give to their dying one. A battle to seal the tear and save our world began, including the use of immortal warriors.

Well not exactly. They die , then are resurrected, looking exactly the same, minus the memories and groovy clothes of the era they died in. Then, slowly, in a magical “I can’t help myself “ way start to travel to a southern mansion to start to gather together and battle again.

So far they haven’t been really good at this. They’ve died a lot of times. Only to return and do it again.

Interesting elements. A pull to a certain region. A internal “recognition “ factor that allows each warrior to know instinctively that another is his missing brother in arms. A neat idea that thrown away in the first book by a actual photo. SMH! No don’t need a to feel my new bro is around here, I know what he actually looks like to recognize him. Sigh.

There’s a handyman that’s clueless to all the strange hunky men gathering in the gorgeous mansion he’s been hired to renovate by the three older women…cough… goddesses….

While the characters are likable, the part of the story that’s basically a instant love romance between Clay Green, Earth Warrior, and Dane Briggs, handyman, feels rushed and incomplete. It’s more that Dane has a part to play, less than he feels like half of a HEA.

As I said, there’s sections I like, others that make little sense other than it’s what was needed to move the plot along. The men were told to do this, naturally they did that which made zero sense so the plot ended up at point zed.

Things done like that are narratively frustrating. Characters, their personalities, especially within a plot should make sense. You’d think they’d leave notes for themselves. Tried this, big fail. Note to self. Don’t do that again, and btw…no one liked my mullet.

You know… important stuff.


The characters that had the best chemistry were the two ‘brother warriors’ found in this story. They were easily the best friends and characters here. You got to thinking I’d ship them and not the handyman.

Baer Manning, the Animal Warrior, is adorable. You’re not wrong in thinking he’s destined for Clay Green, but alas and alack , no. And if you’ve noticed a pattern with the names you’re not wrong there either.

Clay Green: Earth Warrior
Baer Manning: Animal Warrior..grrr you great big ol bear you.

The three women who are the goddesses are interesting and likable. Not a whole lot of information on them as yet .

Honestly, not sure if I’m going forward. Towards the end Clay and Baer found a photo of all of the warriors before the last and unsuccessful battle, showing that they do in fact always look identical in every new life, minus a Fu Manchu mustache or two.

Now , as the both remark, they know EXACTLY what their missing warriors look like.


Baer’s book is next.

Wild Warrior. Where according to the long description, it’s where Baer mistakenly meets an adorable guy because he’s MISTAKEN him for one of his missing brothers.

You know, the ones on the picture he’s seen so he knows exactly what they look like plus all Warriors know who the other is by a Internal “bro alarm”.

So I’m thinking… um no. I’ll think I’ll quietly move on.

But you may be totally fascinated by how this all shakes out. Let me know.

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Wild Warrior #2
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