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Girl Factory by Jim Krusoe
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Jan 26, 2009

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This short novel follows the adventures and tribulations of a lonely yogurt store clerk who discovers that his boss is keeping a number of beautiful young women in suspended animation in the basement of his yogurt shop. At times witty, at times exacerbating, this book is an excellent example of the state of the modern novel. It dances around deep issues in a light-hearted way, refusing to commit to a serious exploration of meaning. The narrator has no respect for the sanctity of human life, except when those lives are directly related to him, at which point their sanctity is all he can think about. That and developing new yogurt recipes.

This book reminded me of the work of director Quentin Tarantino, except with more absurdity. It was fun. I think a book club could find lots of things to discuss here, lots of places to begin a discussion. However, I think the book would come up short as the discussion moves toward the middle or the end.

I'm hard put to imagine anyone not enjoying this book. But I'm also hard put to find a reason to recommend it...a reason to grab someone's arm and look into their eyes and say: "You've got to read this book."

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