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Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione
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Oct 29, 2012

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Can Love Really Conquer All?

Lords of Deliverance 4
by Larissa Ione
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (November 20, 2012)
Sold by: Hachette Book Group
Mass Market Paperback and E-Book 432 pages
E-Galley loaned by publisher via NetGalley. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions herein are my own unless otherwise noted.

Suspend all disbelief ye who enter here! Sometimes a writer comes up with an earth-mythology-biblical-based world that requires us to completely forget the world we know; to put it aside completely. It has to be worth it to immerse oneself into the unknown; to place oneself in the author's hands for 432 pages.

This is one of those series. And, the relationship between Reseph and Jillian is hot enough to make one lose oneself happily. The world however is one that needs the prior books in the series to understand. I could gloss over the things I didn't get -- I read paranormal romance a lot so I know what the missing variables are even if I don't know exactly how a writer has defined them.

I actually thought I had read a book by Ione before but, since I can't find it on my kindle list I think I may have read a chapter. I recall the "Underworld General Hospital" Ione refers to. But the rest of the characters -- demons, angels and whatevers, as well as the locations were confusing and not having read the prior books I found the whole thing hard to swallow.

While the story is fairly predictable in the outcome, how it gets to the outcome is unique. Ione throws several obstacles into the presumptive lovers' paths. When it came to both the internal and external action, including the climactic scene, I thought it was not blocked very well. I can't give anything away, but sometimes one plus one equaled three. In other words the action is not substantial enough for the outcome. Also people change their minds without much provocation. This is often the case in paranormal romance: there are many different elements competing for space on the page and it doesn't always work out perfectly. Where a contemporary romance writer has our normal, mundane world to work with, the paranormal romance has all that and countless other concepts necessary to develop characters and story.

But, the relationship is hot. Reseph is, in my mind at least, Chris Hemsworth in THOR, only more demented and disappointed in himself. Jillian, is of course vague enough so we can insert ourselves into the picture. You know you do it.
But the whole thing is confused by Reseph's alter ego and the horrors of his past, and Jillian's ability to look past what he did before and in this book.

If you have been following this series this is a recommended read. While I felt Ione fluffed some of the action and psychology, it probably ties up a lot of loose ends.
If you haven't read the series, you probably should do so before starting this one. It will certainly make it a more enjoyable read to really know who's who in this myth based world.


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