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The Insomniacs by Karina Wolf
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Oct 28, 2012

really liked it
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What if your Mom found a job that was in a place that was 12 time zones away from where you currently live? Do you think it would be hard to adjust to the time difference? For the Insomniac family, that is definitely the case. The family struggles to stay awake during the day, but at night, when they should be sleeping, they cannot seem to fall into a peaceful slumber like the rest of the town. Will the family ever be able to adapt to their new sleeping schedule? Or will they forever be the family of Insomniacs? "The Insomniacs" by Karina Wolf is a beautiful story, and shows children a lovable family very different than most.
I really enjoyed this book. The story was entertaining, but the illustrations by The Brother's Hilts were truly phenomenal. The illustrations were very gothic and eerie, but beautiful and timeless at the same time. I have not seen illustrations like these in any other children's book I have read. If anything, I would suggest readers just to skim through the book and enjoy the artwork. I could imagine that children might be leery at first to enjoy this book, particularly because the illustrations are very different than what they are used to in other children's novels. Yet, the quirky and interesting Insomniac family will hold their interest, and have them wanting more by the end of the book.
I would love to use this book in my classroom someday. I could see myself using this book to reinforce the idea of acceptance. The Insomniac family only sleeps during the day, and they stay up at night, which is very different than most families. Yet, I would be sure to reassure to my students that just because they are different does not make them wrong or bad people. I would use this story in a 2-5 grade classroom, particularly since the gothic illustrations are little more mature than your average children's book. I encourage children's literature lovers to explore this book, and learn to love the artwork and the Insomniac family.
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