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Trinity Blood, Vol. 4 by Kiyo Kyujyo
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Jan 23, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: manga-manhwa, science-fiction-fantasy, action-adventure
Read in December, 2007

Sunao Yoshida and Kiyo Kyujyo continue an alternate telling of "The Ibelis" in Trinity Blood vol. IV. While I miss some of the things the anime did with Brother Petros and I miss Sister Paula, for the most part I'm happy with this version.

* I'm very happy with Radu as the saboteur directly and personally involved in the attack that made Ion's meeting with Lady Caterina go so sour. (Not that Ion needed much help, given his attitude toward Terrans in general and Caterina that night in particular.) Esther tries to fight him but his haste makes that very difficult. She's not superwoman. I appreciate and am entertained by Petros maintaining his moral compass, black and white as it may be, in his reactions to the scene that greets him.

* Wee Radu is adorable. I wonder if the manga will explain the visual physical discrepancies between him and Ion despite them being the same age and having been children together. The anime didn't.

* Esther with Ion upon his waking doesn't cloy as much in the manga. Perhaps because she's spastic and dorktastic, fully aware of both, and drawing from memories of Abel comforting her during her time of grief.

* Abel does see Crusnik as a separate part of himself, and it's a plural part. Nanomachines. Nice.

* Esther needs slapping here so bad. She knows Abel has orders not to tell her certain things but when he doesn't spill it's a sign he doesn't trust her. What a special snowflake she is. "Classified" doesn't apply to her!

Abel doesn't tell her that Petros pulverized his insides and that's why he's suffering because she can't know about Crusnik or that all he needs is uninterrupted time to shift over to it to repair himself. If she knew he'd been that badly injured and suddenly he's fine, that would have been suspicious. It's the situation of suck, not helped by how he's ashamed of his other side.

* Radu's lying to himself to help make his betrayal go over better. How utterly expected. *g* I see an almost sexual tinge to Dietrich's sadism torward him. Can he possibly still think the Rosen Kreuz Orden will help the Methuseluh dominate the world when Dietrich is using an undead and lobotomized army of Methuselah as his shock troops, the Autojägers? Or maybe he thinks he's in too deep to get free now.

* Caterina kicks ass. Okay, not physically, but in the "putting your money where your mouth is" way. Deeply cool. Definitely an iron lady. Her word games with Petros also entertained me.

* Tres keeping his (blind) eyes on the prize and laying out the situation for Sister Kate slew me. His having a second plan because he figured that Caterina would reject the one that keeps her personal safety paramount over the peace process endears him to me even more. He has a better grasp of the thoughts of the people around him than a lot of the humans do.

* Esther as a maniac escape car driver is more entertaining in the manga.

* Caterina and the Professor's conversation reveals quite a bit. But grading papers is more important than restoring Tres' sight? Wow. And how frustrating it is for Tres to be forced to operate at subpar conditions in the service of the Vatican?

* Big-ass battle scene! Damn, did Abel get damaged, and his special abilities being classified means he can't save his ass against Petros. Fortunately, or unfortunately in some cases, Radu ups the stakes to the point where Abel has to set that aside.

* I love how alien and gross the nanomachine stuff is here, much more so than in the anime. The mouths are freaky.... Crusnik is much more simple-minded than Abel.

* And of course Esther can't deal with the revelation of the secret she'd been trying so hard to pry from him. Yes, it's gross and scary, but he's not even threatening her or Ion and she's freaking out. But it's all about her, isn' it? Hello, he's saving your life, Esther. She distracts him as he's about to take down Radu. She has a habit of butting in at the worst moments in the anime, so I shouldn't be surprised.

* Tres to the rescue! Linked into the ship so he can see, no less. Love you, Tres.

* Abel puts his fool's mask right back up as soon as Sister Kate notices him. Sad. Tres with the cords still inserted into his body does things for me. I just can't help it! I miss him and Abel as the team supreme. Abel has a little breakdown alone, and Esther looks likely to make more trouble. *sigh*

The mangaka's afterwords are still entertaining. Petros is the mangaka's avatar in the little comics, and it's hilarious seeing "Petros" dorking out here, breaking a toy tank, freaking out, excited over buying "research materials" that include softcore porn.... Kiyo Kyujyo also writes in "Outro" that "Host Club 'Rosen Kreuz' sounds like a name that would really exist, doesn't it?" Yeah, in your nightmares maybe. Do all mangaka mainline a concentrate of sugar and cocaine, or just the ones whose afterwords I read?

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