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Lottery by Patricia Wood
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Aug 11, 2007

it was ok
Read in August, 2007

Forrest Gump wins the lottery. A pleasant feel-good book that made for a nice diversion among more serious books. Fast read, not very deep. Will probably be a nice Christmas time movie release in a couple of years.

I found an advance manuscript copy at a local library sale that included eight pages of author interviews at the end of the book...hopefully these aren't in the edition that will be sold in bookstores, as it really goes out of the way to beat the author's themes into the reader's head, and as such is unnecessary. Between that, the three pages of overdone acknowledgments, and the author description, one is led to the conclusion that this first time author is really impressed with herself and this book. Hopefully publisher Putnam tones this down before releasing this into the real world.

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Patrick Ginnie, my complaint was not so much with the author's ability to use the first person voice with a character of limited mental ability, as much as it was with her plotting (there were no surprises...all of the developments were very predictable) and the extras included in the book along with the story, especially this interview with the author. Also, I rarely read fiction, so I don't rate it very highly in general. Better to rely on Jennifer's rating to start with...I probably rate fiction too low and give too many stars to non-fiction (because I think writing compelling, non-plagiarized, and well sourced non-fiction is more challenging than writing a basic novel).

Jennifer (JC-S) Patrick, I agree with much of your assessment. One of the reasons I rated the book so highly was I just happened to be in a mood where this fiction worked for me. Sometimes, my need to believe in the posibility of a good ending outweighs my critical faculties.

Patrick Jennifer, actually the weekend I found this book I was looking for a happy ending type book too, and I just happened to come across it at a small used-books-for-sale area in a library in Long Beach. I took it to the beach and read it through in one sitting, and I admit that I really liked it. It was very pleasant mind candy, the same way a movie is. A nice diversion. I'd recommend it to certain people I know, and I might even read it again.

But is it a well written book? Not in my opinion. I am working out my crieteria for why I rate various books in certain ways...I have an instinctual gut feeling for what i like and what I don't, as do most people here on Goodreads who have read several hundred books. But until I started rating books here I never really felt the need to justify or explain my opinions of what I like and what i don't. Going back over some of my reviews from when I first joined GR, I just noticed that I gave some of my favorite books in my library, ones I have happily read over and over, only three stars. So I'm trying to reconcile that with my most recent reviews, as my grading curve is getting a bit higher these days.

I guess what I'm saying is that just because I gave a book two stars doesn't mean i think it's terrible...I probably wouldn't even bother finishing a book I consider to be terrible unless I needed or wanted some facts from it, and there were no other sources. For most fiction, I'll just set the book aside or give it away. Bottom line, as I think you gave it four stars....we're probably not that far apart. You probably read more fiction than I do, though.

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