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Into the Woods by Kim Harrison
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Oct 24, 2012

really liked it
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Read on December 28, 2012

I really wanted to read Trent's story, but I'd read enough of the shorts in this one (the *'d ones) that I had balked at the hardcover price, so I was happy that the e-version finally dropped to not-insanely expensive so I could sate my curiosity.

The Bespelled – Ceri/Al short - The Outlaw Demon Wails short story originally pubbed in the mass market of The Outlaw Demon Wails ~ I really enjoyed seeing Ceri's fall and another glimpse into Al - boy has he come a long way from here to Ever After.

*Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel - Rachel meets Pearce short originally pubbed in the Holiday are Hell anthology - I liked it well enough when I read it and it was nice to be familiar with Pearce when he finally shows up in the full length books.

*Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil – an Ivy/Kisten short originally pubbed in the Dates from Hell anthology ~ I had actually read this short before I read any of the Hallows books, so it was sort of confusing then, I gave a shot at a reread just now and just couldn't do it - Ivy is my least favorite character of the series and the vampire stuff is my least favorite aspect of the stories as well.

*Dirty Magic – Mia the Banshee short originally pubbed in the Hotter Than Hell anthology

The Bridges of Eden Park – A Rachel/Kisten short story from the mass market edition of For a Few Demons More ~ for those who miss Kisten and Rachel together this was a nice little vignette, but I actually agreed with Harrison's comment at the beginning of the short - the romance with Kisten was a dead end storywise, unless he filled Ivy's shoes in the vampire soul storyline.

*Ley Line Drifter – A Jenks story originally pubbed in the Unbound anthology

Million Dollar Baby – Trent/Jenks original Hollows story - I loved this story of Trent's elf quest and I loved seeing inside his head. I think that it is sort of strange that such a key story is told in an anthology though - it belongs in the main stream of the series as part of a regular book.

Non-Hollows stories:

*Pet Shop Boys – recent standalone e-release - Creepy but interesting, I liked the Fae angle

I just am not in the mood to read the rest of these now...

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