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Warrior Reborn by Melissa Mayhue
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Oct 22, 2012

really liked it

Warrior Reborn, the second installment of Melissa Mayhue's Warrior Series, evoked such vivid images of the actors I could see portraying these characters, I ask you to please indulge my fancy. Let me know if you envision the same! Interestingly enough, I couldn't really "improve upon" Chase; he remains as depicted by the cover model. Yeah...I didn't think you'd mind, either!
Our hero, Chase Noble, has been plucked from modern-day Montana and plunged into the Highlands of 13th century Scotland courtesy of an elf, a vision walker and a faerie. Not to worry...his full-blood fae father assures him not to worry...Why isn't Chase more worried?! Leap of faith? All's well that ends well? Some of that...but so much more!
Christiana MacDowylt is going to have to rearrange her thoughts if there's any hope of distracting her half-brother, the mighty Laird Torquil of Katanes. Able to travel the Visions, a gift from her ancestor, Odin, Christiana has foreseen a path that will alter Torquil's tyrannical reign. For now, Christiana will stay the course and appeal to his vanity; convince him the pathways were several, but she'll remain diligent and pursue the outcome that ensures his victory as ruler of all.

She was forced to her tiptoes as he pulled her closer still, his head dipping next to hers.
"Swear it," he insisted, his hot breath fanning over her skin as his mouth hovered next to her ear.
Fighting the fear, she forced her lips to move. "I so swear."

** visceral image was that of Joaquin Phoenix in the creepy role of Commodus from Gladiator!** What Christiana doesn't specify to Torquil, and holds dear instead, is Chase's role in the future battle. Did I mention the battle involves Torquil slaughtering her younger brothers?! Suffer Torquil's lascivious intentions or delude him with promises of a "champion" sent to support his cause? Hmmm...wonder what Christiana will choose??
Ms. Mayhue introduces us to a cast of secondary characters that nearly steal the spotlight, if I may be so bold. Halldor is the first friend Chase makes upon his arrival and, bless his heart, he never judges or harps on Chase's unique language, mannerisms or choice of garments (in his defense, he was transported in the middle of the night -- boxers were Chase's choice of sleep wear!). I LOVED Halldor! **Do you not picture Seamus, William Wallace's big, burly BFF from Braveheart?!** Bridget MacCulloch, the daughter of a slain guard bent on avenging his death (at the hands of Torquil, of course!), added a burst of energy and spirit. **In keeping with the Braveheart theme, I likened her to the French Queen's handmaiden who, incidentally, was sweet on Seamus.** That romance is to be determined by Ms. Mayhue, but please consider this my fervent plea for green-lighting this pairing! Their interaction was rather brief, but momentous, as it demonstrated their strength of character and willingness to protect one another so readily. Halldor earned my swoooooon...
Christiana and Chase face adversity in many forms. Torquil is more, more than anyone ever hopes to confront and together, with their friends and family, is the only sure way to defeat the wayward laird. A stickler to the tapestry of visions provided by Norse mythology, Christiana is taken aback by Chase's confidence; his lack of worry. Perhaps the faerie magic knew better? Perhaps one look at Christiana and it didn't matter where he was?

"Let me ask you a question. Did you see this happening between us in any of your visions?
"No," she said quietly.
"Well, I saw it. From the moment I met you. I knew we would be together. It's my path."

Be still my heart! I became a fan of Ms. Mayhue's Daughters of the Glen Series long ago, but lost my way as is easy to do when you're trying to stay on top of your pages-long To Be Read list. Warrior Reborn has sparked this reviewer's desire to devour Ms. Mayhue's entire catalog...starting now. Wonderful writing will win every time!

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Miranda Do you plan to post here as well at a later date My Dear Carmen? Look forward to hearing your thoughts. I am currently trying to wade through ICED....not sure if I will finish though. I am thinking about switching to Mayhue first. Glad you liked the book my friend. :) Miss chatting with you.

Jules cressall How is everyone getting ARCs?

Carmen Pacheco **Shakes with nerves...** I know how big a fan you are of Ms. Mayhue, Miranda...I pray my review does it justice (it doesn't, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! :D) I'm posting it in the next few minutes. Please do share your thoughts, my friend! ;)

Carmen Pacheco Normally I'd say through NetGalley, but this is an Innovative Online Tour with Ms. Mayhue, so Shauni and Vickieann procured a copy through the author herself. I hope you like it, Jules!!!! ;)

Miranda I wanted to know the same thing Jules! LoL. I was happy that I received my copies of ICED, Warrior Reborn, and The Warrior by Margaret Mallory yesterday through the mail...considering they were not released until today. heehee. I preordered from Amazon and paid extra to get them by the release date.

Carmen, I always feel the same way when I write a review about a book I loved so much. I never feel it is possible to do it justice. I look forward to reading your thoughts, and how the book made you FEEL. What stood out about the characters for you. Those things could never dissapoint. I love reading your vibrant words.

Miranda Oh Carmen. How I loved reading this review about an author I have loved for many years. You are so correct about her writing talent, and the amazing characters, both primary, and secondary that come to life. Did I ever tell you that when Sword of Truth ended, I felt like I could not even pick up another book? Me. Someone who needs to read, as much as I need to breathe. I had been reading that series for 15 years of my life, and felt a little lost. No book I attempted could even begin to fill that void within me...until I discovered Melissa Mayhue. I ADORE her work beyond my ability to express with words. I anxiously await the novel of a long beloved secondary character of her's that "tries to steal the show"--as you said--with ever scene he is involved in. Knowing that more such larger than life characters await me in Warrior Reborn, makes me so anxious to devour this next installment. Wonderful review my dear. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Carmen Pacheco I'm blushing...thank you, Miranda. I could have downplayed the "Carmenisms", but Shauni said I should be me. :D I hope Ms. Mayhue can see that I enjoyed it immensely!!!

As promised, I plan to pick up from where I left off on the DotG series. Can you believe I only read Connor and Caitylyn's book? I remember being in constant swoooon -- time to recapture that feeling. ;)

Thank you, again!

Carmen Pacheco Now on to YOUR words, Miranda: "I'm trying to wade through ICED"...frankly...I'm terrified. Has the swoon-worthy JZB made a glorious appearance? What is not appealing to you thus far???

Miranda If you journey over to my wall, I have some thoughts so far under my Currently reading post of ICED. :) Explains everything I am currently wary of. Jericho I know makes an appearance in this book...although brief. As well as Mac VERY briefly towards the end. Which means the next installment will hopefully resolve things between Mac and Dani. A big surprise for me is how much I am loving Dani. I liked her as asecondary character, but I havent read a teenage heroine. There is so much potential here. She has such honor for one so young, and her drive to protect the innocent is very admirable. She will grow into a fantastic woman. I just hope KMM doesnt feel the need to destroy Dani, and build her back up like she did with MacKayla. I desperately do NOT want to witness the brilliance of Dani's spirit shattered.

Carmen Pacheco I'm very relieved to read your words. I was afraid Dani was not meeting your expectations, but as you stated, you've not had experience with a teenage heroine. Dani was wonderful in the Fever series (I got the CD version, also, and loved listening to her voice in Shadow Fever!). I'm also hopeful KMM does her (and us) proud!

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