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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
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Jan 22, 2009

really liked it

This book is so racist, it says the N-word too many times". "Yes it does". "The language s difficult to understand, like did they actually speak like this." "Maybe so." "And…." "This book keeps it real. The
language, the speech, and the character have real characteristics. Which makes The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn… a real experience.” “I guess so.”

I enjoyed reading the book, The Adventures of Huckleberry because of the language. The reason why I like the language is because it shows how the N-word is used normally like other words that were not disrespectful to races. Like Huckleberry saying, “Give a NIGGER a inch and he’ll take an ell.’ These sections on the book makes the book better and more to read and get into.

Also, I enjoyed this book because the language of speech. This shows the actual way that they talked. The language was as though education was an important factor, but it showed how one little boy thought differently and changed it. These sections in this book showed how real this book can be because it wasn’t covered up with proper language when it should have been different. Huck’s and Jim’s language are not proper, so it makes The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn real and true.

Last, the characters are actually real, in behavior and language. Huck did things that he wasn’t suppose to, when he was to be good. Jim was a smart slave when he was supposed to be dumb and be someone that just followed orders. Even Huckleberry said that he wouldn’t be a good slave anyways, because Jim knew too much.

In Conclusion, I enjoyed reading this book. The use of nigger, the speech they use and Huck and Jim, the main characters, made everything real. Even though it may have racism in it, this book was true. So, do you think you would like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for the same reasons as I do?
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Tina Was it considered racist in Mark Twains time? I am not a history buff so I don't know, but I will agree with you- the author had a way of writing how it really was. I have enjoyed everything I have read of his.

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