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Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione
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Oct 21, 2012

really liked it

Larissa Ione has created a stunning world of the four Horsemen of the apocalypse. In this latest installment, Reseph- formerly Pestilence- is found naked, freezing in the snow after being freed from Sheoul by Reaver. He has no memory of his prior life and Reaver sent him into the wilderness with the hope that his mind has time to heal so he can gain his strength and fight off Pestilence’s influence with is still inside him.

His weak and near frozen body is found by Jillain, a woman with her own past which includes a savage demon attack a year ago that has left her a shell of the woman she used to be. Terrified of the demons that ravaged her body and still haunt her nightmares, Jillian drags the naked man into her house against her better judgment and cares for him until he awakens. When the disoriented Reseph regains consciousness, he remembers his name, but little else. He senses danger nearby but doesn’t understand why. Two of Jillian’s neighbors are savagely murdered and law enforcement becomes suspicious that they might have been killed by a demon even though demons had all but disappeared (after Pestilence’s ‘death’) in the human world. When demons attack Jillian’s animals, she knows that demons are still out there and waiting for her. Her terror is amplified when she and Reseph learn the truth about who he is and the horrors Pestilence has wreaked on the Earth.

Can Jillian keep separate the man she knows and loves as Reseph from the vile being known as Pestilence and find happiness? Can Reseph continue to wage war against Pestilence and keep him from hurting anyone again? What will the other horsemen say when they realize their brother/Pestilence is not dead like they thought but off in the human realm, living with a woman?

Rogue Rider is a great story of the power of love. I think one of the things I liked most after seeing the evil side of Pestilence was to get a glimpse of who Reseph was and understand why his siblings loved him so and struggled with the thought of killing him (as Pestilence) to save the world. I think in this we see the charisma Reseph possesses and understand their feelings more. Also, the dynamic between the siblings as they try to find a way to let go of their hatred for Pestilence and come to terms him being Reseph again is so… human. And touching.

Larissa Ione created a fascinating world for these amazing characters she has created. Even the characters you hate, you want more of. Harvester, who had me gritting my teeth in prior books, I wanted to know what happened to her. From the angels who are some of the biggest jerks in existence to the horsemen and their mates to the humans who fight beside them, you’re left wanting more.

An excellent series that I cannot recommend highly enough!

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