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Iced by Karen Marie Moning
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Oct 21, 2012

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Up until now I have rated every book in this series five stars. As you can tell from my rating, Iced is definitely my least favorite book in The Fever Series so far. It wasn't horrible, but I wouldn't say it was enjoyable either.

Out of everyone that I have talked to I know I am in the minority here, but I don't like Dani. Since this is Dani's book that kind of presented a problem for me. So I was really hoping that Iced would change my view about Dani. Don't shoot me Dani fans, but I still don't care for Dani. I do find her a tad annoying, but that wasn't my biggest problem with her having her own book. The bigger issue here is that I did not want a teenager POV book in my ADULT urban fantasy series. Don't get me wrong I read a lot of YA and I don't mine a teenage POV, it just doesn't fit in this series for me. I think I would have liked this book better from Jo's perspective or maybe Ryodan's.

Another thing that I didn't care for was all the weird pedo type stuff in here. Especially with Christian. Ew. Just ew. I feel like the author tried to have reasons for all of this in here and make it not as bad, but still ew.

Up until Iced Karen Marie Moning's writing has been superb. I don't know what went wrong in this one. I can't even think about Snickers bars right now without feeling a bit sickened. I swear by halfway I almost threw this book at the wall every time Dani ate a snickers. The writing in Iced was extremely repetitive, but hey it would make a great drinking game.

1.) Drink every time Dani eats a snickers.
2.) Drink every time Dani says no one can tame her.
3.) Drink every time Dani mentions not wanting to be caged.
4.) Drink every time Christian is a pervert.
5.) Drink every time Ryodan threatens someone.
6.) Drink every time Dani says "Dude."

Don't get me wrong, this entire book wasn't crap. I mean I gave it 3 stars which means I liked it, but I didn't love it. It's a part of this fabulous series and I still really enjoyed some things. I loved the parts with the Hoar Frost, Christian's plot line when he wasn't being a pedophile, Dancer (too bad he wasn't in it even more), and I even liked Ryodan (a little bit) too. I am glad that I read Iced, but I can't wait to get back to Mac and Barrons.

Overall, this one just ended up meh for me compared to all of the other books in the series. Half of the book was great and the other half was complete garbage. I'm so glad Burned will go back to Mac, but I hope I'm not too burned out on the series from this one. Sorry Dani lovers, don't hate me! :)

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Fafa's Book Corner I just posted a comment on your blog :)

Erin Dunn Awesome! Thanks! :D

Erin Dunn I don't see it, maybe it didn't go through?

Fafa's Book Corner @Angel I just checked it and you're right it didn't go through. That's pretty weird. Maybe it'll fix itself. I'll try again in a bit. Do you know whether it would've marked my comment as spam?

Erin Dunn Fafa's Book Corner wrote: "@Angel I just checked it and you're right it didn't go through. That's pretty weird. Maybe it'll fix itself. I'll try again in a bit. Do you know whether it would've marked my comment as spam?"

Maybe it will! :D No, it shouldn't mark it as spam. I have that anyone can comment. :)

Jane West Hi, Angel! There's a lot of folks who don't like Dani. I liked her a sidekick for Mac but I much rather read about Mac and Barrons than this young girl and grown men pinning after a kid. Great review by the way.

Erin Dunn I agree with you there! If she had stayed a sidekick I would have been okay I think.

Jane West I know. The reviews on Amazon hit Moning pretty hard about the child and grown men taking an interest in Dani. It bothered me too. What made the story was the relationship between Mac and Barrons. There really wasn't any other strong enough characters to write a spend off. I'm glad the author listened to her reviews. Sometimes they get off the beaten path. ;) Hey, if you hadn't read this series try Sweep. Awesome series.

Erin Dunn Yes!! It bothered me so much too! Thanks, I'll check it out. :)

message 10: by Jane (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jane West Yeah, I was really disappointed in Moning and the next book Burn, it seemed that Mac took some steps back. And I won't say but there was another light to Barrons that I didn't care much for. Although, Moning likes to throw in shock factor and in some ways she writes like a man. For the most part, I love the Fever Series. You should try the Luxen Series by Jenifer Arm.... something. lol! I never can remember or pronounce her last name. The Luxen Series is really good too. Much more milder on the adult stuff. It's actually one of my favorites. Okay, gotta go! Chat with you soon!

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