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Giving Chase by Lauren Dane
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A short, but very sweet moderately erotic romance. I enjoyed it.

Series Note:
First book in Dane's "Chase Brothers" series about 4 hot brothers finding love in the small town of Petal, Georgia.

Maggie Wright had a terribly childhood, with a mother who treated her like dirt and an older sister who was cherished. Because of that, Maggie has deep insecurities. But things are about to change. After a contemptuous run in with local hottie Shane Chase at a bar leads to a couple dates, Maggie is soaring high, then crashes down when Shane leaves her hanging.

Then Shane's equally hot brother Kyle shows interest in her. Maggie is shocked that not one, but two, of the Chase brothers have pursued her. She's wary of being burned again, but Kyle is persistent and eventually she gives in. And finds love in an unlikely place. But Maggie's life is in danger because of a sick stalker and Kyle could lose the woman he loves before they even have a chance to build a future.

I actually read this book in ebook format years ago, when these "naughty" romances were just starting to take off. I never got around to adding it to GR, or to reading the other books in the series. But I wanted to read them and decided to reread this first book. Which was a good idea since I didn't really remember a lot of what happened.

This is a nice, sweet story though. The kind that gives you little sighs of happiness because of the sweetness. Is it the most original story out there? Not really. Four hot brothers, a mousy heroine with self esteem issues who gets a minor makeover and then dates two of the hotties, toss in a stalker and yeah, things are a bit predictable. Ask me if I care? (Cuz I didn't).

I just enjoyed the whole vibe of the story. It's just a simple, sweet romance and sometimes those are so nice to read. I really liked Maggie. She's terribly insecure because of the way her mother and sister treated her all her life. Is it cheesy that she got a minor makeover? I didn't think so. I mean, she's a girl whose learned to hide herself because of years of emotional and verbal abuse and her friends finally get her to open up and see how beautiful she is without hiding behind big bulky clothes and her hair in a bun. I thought it was fitting, not cliched.

Then there's Kyle. What a sweetheart. He was so sweet to Maggie. I loved reading these two together. It's what romance should be about. And his family was great (despite Shane's dickheadedness). I enjoyed reading about Maggie finally finding a place to fit in and be loved.

There's some nice steaminess too. Nothing too terribly out there, just some explicit language about sex but no kink factor. So if you just want some hot sex without the kink, this should work for you.

I will say, though, that writing isn't exactly the best. It's a bit choppy and lacking the smooth readability I like in books. This is one of Dane's earlier stories and I definitely think it shows. I've read a handful of her books (love her Brown Siblings series) and her writing has definitely grown since she wrote this book. So if you read this book and find the writing a little subpar and debate whether to read Dane again, just keep in mind that her writing does get a lot better.

Can't wait to read about the next Chase Brother falling in love!

WARNING, this book contains: some explicit language and sex, but all fairly basic, no kink. Oh, and some violence and an attempted rape.
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