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Ascend by Amanda Hocking
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Oct 20, 2012

liked it

I thought the entire plot and story itself were wonderful. I must say that trolls is a new aspect for me in the book section. I especially love how headstrong Wendy is to not let men take reigns over her life but the ending really disappointed me, the love triangle in particular.
I just can't find it in myself to like the character Loki. firstly he captures her but allows them to leave and than he lies to her about his true reason for being at the castle which she gets pretty pissed about, then they just get back together and Wendy cheats on her husband. To little is mentioned about loki and his sappy comments just don't do it for me. His character is undeveloped and I don't understand what Wendy sees in him. It was also an odd choice for the two of them to end up together and I thought it would have been so much better for Finn and Wendy to get together to lessen the prejudices beetween the ranks. She continuously fights for Finn but says Finn in return does not which I find rather rude since you can so obviously tell that finn loves her but only wants the best for her which would be to for her to remain princess. Also Finn wants the best for the kingdom which would be for Wendy to remain leader so she is pretty selfish in a way.
Overall this series was pretty good and I would've rated it five stars if not for the ending :)!!

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