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Into the Woods by Kim Harrison
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Oct 20, 2012

it was ok
Read from October 20 to 22, 2012


I only read the short stories from the Hollows/Rachel Morgan series and most of them were boring, I don't think any of them really added anything to the series as a whole.

The short story I was looking forward to most was Trent's, unfortunately I wasn't impressed with it. When I didn't know Trent's POV, at least he came across as a somewhat enigmatic character, but getting inside his head has put me right off him. He's just an insecure, whiny, self pitying bitch with mummy, daddy and elf issues. Not to mention his issues about having to kill people..ugh. His story was dull and unimaginative — he had to go on some dumb elf quest to prove his manliness or worth or some shit by stealing his baby but he didn't prove anything since Jenks did most of the work. Without Jenks, Trent would have failed — he didn't deserve any credit for getting Lucy. Oh and I was sick of him bitching about Ellasbeth when he was just as bad as her.
In the last couple of books, I was hoping that Trent and Rachel would get together but not anymore, since I've come to realise that 1. Even though Trent and Rachel have chemistry, that's all they have — they're not well suited 2. Trent already has his HEA with Lucy 3. Trent is too much of a self serving, selfish bastard for Rachel to wholly accept him 4. Rachel's a better character when she's not in a relationship 5. Trent's tried to kill and control Rachel too many times for them to suddenly have a healthy, loving relationship.
I don't mind if Trent and Rachel have a fling but I'll be pissed if they have an HEA.

I did enjoy The Bespelled which was about how Al acquired Ceri as his servant.
Al was as evil and entertaining as ever. There was a moment or two where I thought that Al was in love with Ceri and that he'd go all soft on her but thankfully he didn't. He totally played Ceri and I didn't feel sorry for her at all. She was a dumb bitch and she got what she deserved — the silly cow actually thought Al was in love with her and that they'd run away into the sunset together...ugh. I'm actually pissed that Ceri got an HEA in the novels, she was too dumb to deserve any kind of happy ending.

Rachel's story was disappointing. I thought an 18 year old Rachel would be crazy, fun and reckless but she wasn't — she was blah. All she did was whine about her dad, her illness, her brother and her dumb dream of working for the I.S. I couldn't stand young Rachel - she was rubbish.
Another thing that bugged me was how big a part Pierce had — he's the worst of Rachel's love interests. He's always been such a wanker. The constant mentions of how short and small he was, was a complete turn off and the way he talked was irritating - I didn't know what he was going on about half the time.
Rachel has some of the crappiest love interests ever - Nick, Pierce, that other bloke..ugh, she needs some action from real men. I seriously would have rather read about Rachel and Trent as kids, when they were in camp together — anything would have been better than that bloody Pierce.

The other Hollows stories were too boring to mention.
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