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Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor
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it was amazing
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I’ve waited rather impatiently for the final part in this trilogy to appear. When it finally thunked onto my Kindle, I read it in two days.

Let me start by saying, I love, love, love Taylor’s writing. I love her word choices, her sentence structure, her characters, her imagination, her plots. “Spicy Little Curses” from the “Lips Touch” collection is possibly my favourite short story ever.

I wasn’t disappointed by “Dreams of Gods and Monsters”. No, I loved it. Loved every minute of my fast read (and will be back at a future time for a slower re-read).

It starts by introducing a brand new character, Eliza, who has obvious connections with the main story but these are not revealed until quite some way into the book. It’s a credit to Taylor that she can start a much-anticipated final book without mentioning her main characters for chapters.

The final part of any epic-quest type of story will almost always start with the main character rising from the ashes of their beating down in the middle book. Certainly, at the end of “Nights of Blood and Starlight”, Karou was at her low, but there was the promise of the phoenix rising. Rise she did. The action is fast and furious in this book, but it doesn’t follow predictable lines. Just when you think that one problem is solved and is now plain sailing, there’s a twist, something happens, and there’s more problems for our heroes to face. In fact, this continued right up until the final pages. Wow. Page turner or what.

I’m not going to rehash the plot. There’s plenty of excellent reviews here already that do that. Following are observations that may or may not be considered spoilers depending on your tolerance for such things.

Spoilers. Maybe. More what DIDN’T happen than what did. Stop reading here if you don’t want to know anything at all.

1. Taylor is the master of tying in ends and characters. A couple of things I had wondered about got addressed. Minor characters reappeared and played their part.

2. The writing. Holy flipping moly, the writing.

3. Liraz – great character development. I’d enjoyed her all the way through, although I’ve read complaints that she was too one dimensional. Her storyline worked for me.

4. I had always hoped to see a thread where either Zuzana or Mik was killed and Karou had to resurrect them into a chimera body. Didn’t happen. Shame. There could have been some great scenes on love from that scenario.

5. Talking of Zuz and Mik, while I love these two characters, I was disappointed in their story arc. They were passengers for the first half of the book, there for comic relief and support, but they didn’t actually DO anything. They gained a slight purpose toward the end, but even this was happenstance and luck, rather than any active intent.

6. I expected Ziri to end up dead. Very happy he wasn’t.

7. The ending sort of closed down the one storyline but opened up a potentially bigger one. To be honest, I’d rather have had only a hint of this bigger storyline. It’s the end of a trilogy. I would have liked more closure than there was. It felt as if it was spinning ahead to the second series, at the behest of her publishers. I’m not talking about the resolution for Karou and Akiva – that was fine, but then I don’t read books like this for the romance anyway. In fact if there had been a great HarryPotterHungerGames epilogue with cutsiness and normality and OMG devilangel BAYBEES, I would have thrown the book into the river in disgust.

Overall, I’d rate this 4.5 stars, the missing 0.5 star being for the lack of purpose for Zuz and Mik, and a couple of minor hanging threads and headscratch how-did-that-happen moments. But I’m rounding it up to 5, as this series is definitely one of the best fantasy trilogies I’ve ever read.

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33.0% "Okay, so I couldn't wait that long..."
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