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Cursed by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Love Jennifer L.Armentrout.. all her books seem to be a hit for me, and I knew this would be no exception..

The story is based around a girl who is raised by the dead by her little sister after a fatal car accident - ending up with her father's death, her mother's mental break down where she refuses to acknowledge she is alive, and resulting in her gaining her own special set of powers.. the power of death.. Cue a kidnapping and her being forced to live with others just like her who hate her guts and people out to kill her- drama is bound to happen.

Let me start of by saying.. wow gotta suck to not be able to touch the guy you like without killing them. Jennifer, totally made me completely relate to Ember and everything she was feeling, from her distrust of Cromwell - to her denial of responsibility over her powers and for her need of her mother's attention. Not only that but the hot and heavy scenes between Hayden and Ember .... can anyone say DAYYUUUMMM.

Only tid bit is that I had just read the day before Toxic by Jus Accardo, which follows a very similar storyline in terms of "touch of death powers".. but apart from that the two are quite different. Not as good as her other books, but definitely a quick, fun, easy read.

I give this book a solid 3.5!!

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