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Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford
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Aug 10, 2007

really liked it

We all have the stereotype of Genghis Kahn being a bloodthirsty murderer and killing millions of people and then piling their heads up into giant piles. BUT - this isn't the case. Yes it's true that he was responsible for killing a lot of people, but his empire was one of the first to have free religion, free trade, diplomatic immunity, accountability for all people (kings had the same accountability as a peasant), and without the boundaries of religion, science could prosper - unlike Europe where people were persecuted and often tortured and murdered for declaring new ideas "outside of the church". Other accomplishments? Genghis created the first east/west trade route, united most of China, and was one of the first rulers to bring civilized peace to much of Asia. It was a little sad to read how his sons and grandsons fought over his empire after he was gone, ultimately splitting it up, but still a very interesting read, I enjoyed it all.
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