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Embrace by Jessica Shirvington
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Oct 16, 2012

it was ok
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Okay, so my friend recommended this saying it was the BEST BOOK she had read. I tried it. Had lots of expectations for it and. TO be honest. I don't really think it's that good.

First of all, I kinda don't like how it's written. Violet is lacks in ther personality zone in my opinion. I don't understand what makes her love Lincoln so much. Why do I not see this? Probably because when we first meet him, we barely know anything about him except for the fact that he does self deference and apparently very hot. She tells him about how she was sexually abused and they talk and like, not much else. No real romance going on here. Nothing that makes me swoon, or go, ohhhh he's such a sweetheart. Not even when he was waiting for her outside with coffee after her eavesdropping on his and Griffins conversation.

I don't see ANY Chemistry between them. Phoenix had more chemistry with her, I really like him, though he is a little creepy. But what I find even more crepy was the fact that a few years ago I made up a character with purplish hair and his name was Phoenix. When he was introduced I was like WTF. Did she sneak into my head or something? That was just weird.

Anyways, something else about the writing. It was really clustered and some parts made no sense since Jessica decided not to describe one little thing. Example, Violet is talking to Phoenix then it changes to something else because of something they hinted at or saw or something. There were a few of these, but I seriously was just like. What?

Also that part in the book where she goes off with Lincoln and Griffin to see the dead Grigori, and she just started screaming. I was like, where is this coming from? At least make it something worth making us feel her pain. Some parts were all telling, which kind of annoyed me. And some parts dragged on for too long, and some parts too short. Like ahem, the end part with Phoenix in the Hades Restaurant/Club, was way too short in my opinion. Ugh.

Oh and a little rant about her best friend Steph. She's a great friend but I find her to be a little too perfect. Like seriously, she's apparently the smartest person Violet knows, yet she did not confide in her that much. I also dislike how she's the "popular" type yet soooooooo smart. Maybe Jessica is trying to make her more realistic since not all "popular" people are dumb or whatever, but she made Steph so much more like a Mary-Sue It kinda annoyed me. I don't really see the value of Steph too much. She's just... there. I felt like the book could have done without her. Well... she basically wasn't there. I think if she had been more involved, the book might have been better.

I'll continue reading it, since my friend said it gets really good later on. I kind of doubt it though...

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