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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
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Oct 12, 2012

really liked it

I read “Of mice and men” by John Steinbeck in the holidays, as you can see it is a short book with only 100 or so pages, however despite its length, I cried twice in it. The whole story line is sorrowful, and the ending is just heartbreakingly tragic. It is named after the poem “of mice and men” by Robert Burns, and the themes in each are quite similar.
The poem is written in old English and some parts are quite difficult to understand, but the meaning of it is significant all the way through. It talks of a small, defenceless mouse and their lifestyle and how they are dependent on others to survive, in the book, the mouse refers to Lennie, only inferentially, not literally.
Lennie, in physical description is known as the gentle giant, he is so strong to the extent that one blow from him can kill a puppy, break a neck… etc. But Lennie, being mentally behind is unaware of his strength, due to his condition he is despised by most people apart from the ones who actually understand his kindness and gentleness. Due to his mental disadvantage, he is forgetful. He loves to pet small animals and soft things and due to his strength kills them. He dreams of looking after rabbits, puppies and mice. But he is constantly told by George if he does “something bad” again, he cannot do that. HE IS MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER!
George, Lennie’s companion, has looked after Lennie since he was young; George loves Lennie and does anything to protect him, until the end.
Slim, the hirer of George and Lennie gets along with George quite well and tolerates Lennie for the sake of George, however  his patience is limited, and he basically has ultimate power in the book.
Curly, the boss’s son is a detestable character and because of his position he gets his way all the time, he is rude, arrogant and proud, but his weakness is that he is weak and relies on his position of authority to get around. He treasures his wife.
Curly’s wife, is the only female in the book, she is a kind girl that is mistreated by all the hired men except Lennie because Lennie doesn’t understand the consequences of getting along with his employer’s wife. The other men, well aware of the consequences, fear that if they show any kindness to her, they may get the sack from Curly.
These are the main characters. The storyline is George and Lennie are looking for another job because every job they get is ruined by Lennie due to his condition; he always manages to get them in trouble. They share a dream of escaping poverty and owning a house in the country with alfalfas for the rabbits, vegetable patches and farm animals. George and Lennie keep their dream a secret. They find a job with their employer as Curly and meet Slim. They work well; have fun, until Lennie has another accident.  
Due to the accident, George is basically fed up with Lennie; he listens to Slim’s instructions and ultimately destroys his and Lennie’s friendship and dreams. Obviously he regrets this action afterwards but it is irreversible. ×  I strongly recommend this book, but beware it’s a really sad storyline but it was also the truth of what would have happened in 1900’s.
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 Athena Ivashkova ~♥~ Awesome review! I love how you have a review for almost every book I have to read for school. :D

Dessi Lol ~ i just love my classics~ i hope my reviews were helpful to you~ also "sparknotes" is a good websites for reviews as well :D
Happy Reading !!!

 Athena Ivashkova ~♥~ True that :) And thx, you too!

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