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The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria
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Jan 16, 2009

it was amazing

Anyway, I was going to type up my favorite paragraphs from this book, but there were WAY too many. This was a great book to follow up The Ascent of Money in fact, he even quotes Niall Ferguson a few times.

Being a rather uninformed person of the world, I was able to learn all kinds of new things that have happened.

He has an interesting style of painting a picture one way then turning it upside down on his head. For example, he begins talking about all of the wonderful things China has been doing in and for Africa. How much money has been spent on this and that to benefit Africa. Then he will say, China was just being generous, or were they? and then begin to give more details about specific instances that make China look like a manipulating super power on the rise.

The example that sticks out was Nigeria (I think) was trying to get a loan from the World Bank to improve the rail system. But the World Bank had some stipulations before they would loan the $4 billion (or whatever the amount was) Like they had to clean up the corruption in the railways. They were just about to close the deal and China comes in and give them $8 strings attached.

Needless to say most of the money ended up in the government officials pockets.

Anyway, very easy to read. His theme is basically that America is not declining so much as the rest of the world is rising. He spends a chapter talking about CHina's rise and then a chapter about India and then I am currently reading about how the US is falling, or it's mistakes or what it could do to stay in the game.
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