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Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill by Dave Grossman
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Jan 15, 2009

it was amazing
Read in March, 2009

This books main purpose is to make the public aware of media violence and what can be done about it. We Americans have become so desensitized to violence we hardly recognize it anymore. Did you know a preschooler who watches two hours of cartoons a day is exposed to nearly ten thousand violent episodes each year? This is T.V marketed for preschoolers! So you can only imagine what our teens are being exposed to. Violence is made humorous, and is glamourized by characters who appear to be cool role models. The viewer rarely sees any consequences for these violent acts. But wait it does get worse. Now that these developing brains have solidified the link between pleasure and violence, lets train our youth to accurately pull the trigger. How you might ask. The same way the military trains with "First Person Shooter" killing simulators (video "games") Like: Doom, Postal, Duke Nukem, Mortal Combat,and 007 Golden Eye to name a few. Now they have the will and the skill.
After every school shooting parents ask why. Why are kids acting out in such violent ways? You never even heard of such violence when I was in High School. Now we know why. Lets stop making excuses. The least we can do is to talk to our children about media violence, and banning it from our homes. Stop blindly putting children in front of the baby sitter. This book encourages parents, teachers, doctors, police and anyone who is concerned with our children to stand up against media violence. We need better rating systems, so we can be properly informed. Graphic, stylized violence should be treated the same as guns, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, pornography, explosives and X-rated films, and should be made illegal to market or sell to children.

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