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Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
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Jan 14, 2009

really liked it
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Let's get one thing straight...Sookie Stackhouse is no Bella Swan. You may have read the myriad reviews that list the similarities between Charlaine Harris's novels and the Twilight Saga and I can assure you that most of them are true. Harris refers to her vampires 'glowing', Bill drinks synthetic blood, Sookie can read minds...the list goes on and on.

But after finishing this book, what I can assure you is that in so many ways these books are so completely different that they bear no comparison. The Sookie Stackhouse novels are fun and action-packed where Twilight is contemplative with a more restrained plot. Neither one is better...they're just different.

What I enjoyed so much about Dead Until Dark is the incredible, break-neck pace the plot moved along at. This was like watching a blockbuster movie and truly didn't take much more time than that to read. Harris threads the hooks of the story expertly. When you get to the end of a chapter, she'll write something to stop your heart dead in your chest. You literally HAVE to turn the page to find out more.

The other major strength of this novel is Sookie. She is one of the most fun characters. She's kooky, she's kick-ass and I loved being able to step right into her mind. I would've taken tough-stuff Sookie over Bella any day.

But Bill is not comparable to Edward. He's HOT and he oozes that sexy bad-guy image but I just don't know if I 100% believes he loves Sookie. I know his character is supposed to be stiff and uncommunicative but I did find it a challenge to warm to him as much as I have done with other romantic heroes. He doesn't really have the 'swoon factor' Edward does.

I will absolutely continue to read this series with great pleasure. I do want to know what happens with Sookie...I secretly hopes she shacks up with Sam. Is that too much to ask?

Readers should be warned that this novel is quite violent. It also discusses issues that some could find disturbing and upsetting (incest etc). For more conservative readers, please be aware there are multiple explicit love scenes.

I would certainly recommend this book to Twilight fans looking for an enjoyable vampire series.
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shanah Hi...

I agree with you, even i didn't yet finish. But yes, I was interesting read this novel coz' some reason from twilight.

That's day I was browsing some book on internet.
Than,I found about Harris on the internet by accident, never really planned it, it just come to me. And found that she was wrote novel about you know, i really like novel twilight series.

Than, read the synopsis of this Sookie and found that it's look like with twilight stuff but not really exactly the same. But for sure, this novel about relationship between human girl and vampire-man.

I was though, is it inspired Stephanie to got Twilight? Maybe no, maybe yes.

I decided on that day, i have to read this novel. Really sure...without considered how much people like or dislike this novel.
Hope is great novel...!!!!

message 2: by S (new) - rated it 4 stars

S I haven't read the Sookie novels yet, but I really appreciated your insight on these and the Twilight series. Not better, not worse, just different. Thanks.

Natalie I liked your review and agree with every point you raised here. I did notice some similarities at first, but it develops into a completely different story.

I also don't understand why reviewers are saying Harris ripped of Meyer when Dead Until Dark was published in 2001 and Twilight came out in I missing something?

Alexandria Steelheart I've read Twilight, then watched the movies... I started watching True Blood, then read the book because everybody I talked to online said how much better True Blood books are than twilight, and that there was more and better sex scenes written in the True Blood books... maybe my expectations were too high based on the TV show, but I doubt it. The writing was horrible. Harris' dialogue is so disjointed and hard to read that it was a struggle to finish the book (and I read better sex scenes in a Pirate novel my friend gave me). Meyer is a *much* better writer than Harris, by far.

Teegan I agree, i would choose sookie over bella any other day... :) have you read any of the others yet??

Rita No this book, sure isn't Twilight. Stepheine writes beautifuly. Have U read The Host,by her? It's different,and great. Because Steph. really can write a noval.

Annie Hey Rita, I did read and LOVE The Host. I agree, it was a brilliant story.

Rita Thanks.Stephenie can really write a good book. I'am so glad she had the dream about Twilight,cause we would not have had her books,to read.I'am trying to read.I'am trying to read rhe Sookie Stackhouse, but having a hard time really get into them.I'am waiting for the next Vampire Diaries, to come out in Nov.

Rita It Took 3 book's, for me to warm up to Charlene's style of writing, but now have the intire set. I'm reading, Bel Ami, now and will get back to Sookie when I'm finished.I give these book's an R rating though.

message 10: by Rita (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rita Teegan wrote: "I agree, i would choose sookie over bella any other day... :) have you read any of the others yet??"

I'm on the fourth book now,& almost finished.These are really hot. Like,who needs Fifty Shades,when we have Charlaine Harris?

message 11: by Rita (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rita I'm on book 5,now. These really are great read's. Thier's everything, in them, that a good book need's.

Teegan Rita wrote: "Teegan wrote: "I agree, i would choose sookie over bella any other day... :) have you read any of the others yet??"

I'm on the fourth book now,& almost finished.These are really hot. Like,who need..."

I agree, have you read fifty shades?
I've read them all now apart from dean in the family and dead reckoning.

message 13: by Rita (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rita I'm on book 9, but having a problem geting into it, because of this thing. I agree, they are hot, & have a good story line. Charlaine Harris, sure knows how to pull all emotions out of the reader. Have a good day, or night, sepending on where you live.

message 14: by Rita (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rita Man, If I don't look & check, what I have writen, mistakes just get right by me. Well Darn.

message 15: by KimberlyRose (new) - added it

KimberlyRose Twilight bored me eventually (about 50% in to the first book), but I liked the idea of it. So maybe I'll like this series. Thanks for review!

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