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Beta by Rachel Cohn
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Oct 08, 2012

really liked it

Rating: 3.5/5

Beta is a story that starts out seeming as though it will be an interesting and entertaining foray into the science fiction genre, but the deeper into the story we get, the more uncomfortable we find ourselves, the would-be utopia of Demesne slowly becoming riddled with flaws that disturb us more and more the longer we think on them. Ms. Cohn gives us a literally perfect protagonist – stunning physically and programmed to be obedient and compliant – but she is without passion, ambition, emotion, or independent thinking, as was intended when she was created. She is a shell, and it’s with a slowly dawning horror that we realize this empty vessel is what the people of Demesne consider to be the ideal, and as Elysia discovers and explores the subtle nuances of wanting and feeling, it's then that we are given the word “defect” to associate with her, and we read on comparing and contrasting our definitions of perfect and imperfect with those of the residents of Demesne...

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