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The Invisible Chains - Part 3 by Andrew Ashling
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Oct 07, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: reviewed, series, taboo, bro-cest, futuristic, fantasy-magic, m-m-romance
Read on October 07, 2012

Another worthy installment to this series. Lots of battle action in this one but many, many funny and witty moments to balance it. I LOVE ANAXANTIS' PAGES!! Had to wait till the very end to get my Ehandar moment, but it made my heart smile. I can't wait to see where Book 4 takes Ehandar and Anaxantis because it's obvious that they have their work cut out for them. This book made me laugh; it made me cry; it made me smile. Love this series.

Goodness, I've just read the first three books in a little over 2 days and I'm about to start book 4. So happy I found this author!

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Reading Progress

10/07/2012 page 47 "“Please, please, my lord, don't send me away,” he begged, crying. “I'm so sorry, so sorry... Just don't send meaway... Lock me up in my room, but don't send me away. Please...”My baby is so broken and docile and fearful I literally just want to start bawling. He is a shadow of his former self."
10/07/2012 page 69 "Sooo Lorcko challening Timishi....I don't get it."
10/07/2012 page 147 "“No. You don't understand,” Tomar whispered. “He is my brother as well as my son.” [image error]" 5 comments
10/07/2012 page 187 "Anaxantis and Hemarchidas remind me so much of Alexander the Great and best friend/lover Hephaistion. They even have the same initials."
10/07/2012 page 200 "200 pages in, I'm ready for my boo to be himself again. Make it happen NOW."
10/07/2012 page 240 "Nooooooooo!! Ambrick, you dirty lying dog! I hope you die a slow and painful death, effing liar."
10/07/2012 page 245 "YES!! YES!!! PERFECT! [image error]" 2 comments
10/07/2012 page 245 "He's not dead btw, but oh, the sweetness of it all."
10/07/2012 page 280 "OMG, why are people just riding all willy willy onto the battlefield? None of you are allowed to die, do you hear me?? Doggone nitwits."
10/07/2012 page 300 "It's the worst thing ever to read fantasy and be most invested in the romances. All these epic battles and political maneuverings are going on and you're like yes, yes, great. Can we get back to his boyfriend, please?"
10/07/2012 page 305 "Ana, noooo. What the hell are you doing?? Gawd, I've come too far to turn back now. Only 45 more pages to go."
10/07/2012 page 317 "Alright. This is it! It's do or die time."
10/07/2012 page 324 "Nope. I am so ready to kill someone."
10/07/2012 page 337 "Yes! *Claps hands* Come on, Ehandar. You can do it."
10/07/2012 page 350 "I got my ending!! Teehee! But I'm happy there's a book 4 because it's a new start for them. Sigh. [image error]"

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