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The Invisible Chains - Part 2 by Andrew Ashling
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Oct 06, 2012

really liked it
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Book 2 of this series continues the breakneck intensity of Book 1. I am always in awe of the imagination of fantasy authors and bow before their genius. All the battle strategies, subplots and political dealings at times leave me cross-eyed. Having said that, there is a lot to love here. Numerous secondary characters are introduced in this book and they are all lovable (well the male ones - I found most of the female characters detestable, especially Rahendo's foul mouthed sisters). There are many laugh out loud moments, which you will need to balance the gruesome ones. Anaxantis is forced to grow up fast. I find it hard to believe he's only 17. He reads like he's in his 20s. Loved the twists and turns and, even though, I didn't seee the development I would have liked for Ehandar, it seems like he will have more of a focus in Book 3.

All in all, a very well written book with a few continued flaws from Book 1 - spelling errors (though not that many given that the book is almost 600 pages), the continued use of modern jargon and the paragraphs of thoughts in Italics (though nowhere near as much as Book 1).

Really enjoying this author. On to Book 3!

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1.0% "I'm going in. Good lawd, there are 4 books in this series?? Well this weekend is shot! LOL"
1.0% "583 pages! [image error]" 3 comments
10/06/2012 page 36
6.95% "Thank God. There you are, Ehandar. I was just about to say that it's been over 30 pages!"
10/06/2012 page 57
11.0% "Nulfie and Obie Wobie LOL. Crying! Poor Arranulf and Obyann lol."
10/06/2012 page 69
13.32% "“I could give you a neck massage. Maybe it’ll help against the tension,” he answered. Snap it, Ehandar! Just a twist to the left... Fine, fine. Just the massage then. *Grumbles*" 1 comment
10/06/2012 page 70
13.51% "Wow! Eerie. Ehandar finding himself with the opportunity, tempted to snap Anaxantis' neck. Anaxantis wondering if this is the moment where Ehandar finally breaks and makes an attempt on his life. Offering his neck to him, sliding his eyes open to see the tears of frustration and restraint as Ehandar backs off. Really, really well done. Dag, gave me goosebumps."
10/06/2012 page 92
17.76% "Totally skipping the stuff about the Sisterhood. I can't even fake it."
10/06/2012 page 168
32.43% "Totally intrigued by this Lorcko/Ambrick subplot. The beauty and the beast. Go get him Lorcko!"
10/06/2012 page 184
35.52% "Awww, cute scene with Ana, Morry, dog and family."
10/06/2012 page 243
46.91% "Basically you have two thing to work with: your angel face and your ass. I suggest you put both to good use. Umm ok, dad. I'll get right on that. WTH! LOL"
10/06/2012 page 286
55.21% "Pages 286-288 are pure comedy. I love Rahendo lol."
10/06/2012 page 290
55.98% "Ok, I am at the halfway mark. Not only is there NO change on the Ehandar situation, he's barely getting any on page time. What the HECK is going on here?? When are we going to get back to him?? When???"
10/06/2012 page 343
66.22% "I dislike the women in this story, intensely."
10/06/2012 page 358
69.11% "Holy crap Lambert! I thought you were shy!"
10/06/2012 page 369
71.24% "Back to Ehandar. Thank God!"
10/06/2012 page 408
78.76% "Something stinks. He is alive though, or I would be very much mistaken. And if he is alive, I will find him.” That's right, Rullio. You're Ehandar's friend. Let's get it done."
10/07/2012 page 483
93.24% "100 more pages. Must.stay.awake. [image error]"
10/07/2012 page 583
100% "Still no resolution for my darling! He was hardly in this book at all! Ugh. Still, the book was really good though! LOVED the new secondary characters." 7 comments

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