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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
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Jan 13, 2009

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HUCKLEBERRY CRIST and JESUS FINN! Wait what? Oh sorry I meant to say Jesus Christ and Huckleberry Finn. I guess because there so much alike I accidentally mixed up their names. You must be asking your yourself, how on earth do you shuffle the names of a lying, stealing, misbehaving, little boy, and a kind, generous, faithful, thirty- three year old man? Well even though it isn’t very obvious, if you pay attention to little details and know the story of both Christ and Huck Finn, you'll find that they a very much alike.

To start with, if your are familiar with the story of Jesus Christ, you know that after his baptism he wondered around the dessert in a humble manner for forty days and forty nights, where he is believed to be tempted by the devil. In Huckleberry’s case, the dessert would be the Mississippi River where he traveled for weeks with his pal Jim, and encountered many devils, such as the Phelps. On the Phelps plantation the family treats Huck well and he is tempted to stay there even though Jim gets captured, and sold back into slavery. However, Huck overcomes his temptation and saves Jim.

Secondly, Jesus was last seen in the company of thieves as was Huckleberry. So if you haven’t read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn let me fill you in. Huck’s last encounter with thieves would have to be his run in with the King and the Duke. The Duke and the King pretend to be the brothers of Mr. Wilks, a man who has passed away and has left everything to his brothers and three daughters, but the thieves are not willing to share, that want everything that Mr. Wilks has left behind, and so they scheme to trick the girls into giving them everything. Huck claims they make him ashamed of the human race.

Last but certainly not least, Jesus Christ and Huckleberry Finn are both very forgiving and self sacrificing. As you may know Christ sacrificed his life for mankind and even though everyone was willing to kill him, he begged god to forgive them. If Jim would have told Huck about his dead father, he could of lived his life the way he wanted to and not have to go through all the misfortunate that he encountered. Nonetheless, when Jim tells Huck his father is dead Huck forgives him. Huckleberry was willing to sacrifice himself for one black man during slavery in the south. To me, that’s just honorable and heroic as what Jesus did.

All in All, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was a enjoyable book to read, and I highly recommend it if your in the mood for a good challenge and some adventure. However if you are under the age of eighteen, and your parents wont let you read it because of its reputation for cursing and explicit violence, you could just explain to them that Huck in many ways is just like Christ. And if that doesn’t work you could always read the bible. Its basically the same thing as reading Huckleberry Finn itself.
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