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To Love a Dark Lord by Anne Stuart
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This book reminded me of The Serpent Prince which I also didn't like. The heroes in both are bent on revenge from start to end, are foppish Georgian lords, full with their laces and jeweled heels, and dark, tormented men underneath a cold veneer.

In this one, the hero plans to use the heroine to attract his enemy even if it means putting her in danger. So, after taking the responsibility if a murder SHE commited and rescuing her from another's man clutches, he takes her in his house, dresses her in provoking clothes and flaunts her in the ton as his mistress. This draws out his enemy, but also her fanatical cousin who wants to kill her so he may win her inheritance. But the heroine believes there is something good in him (=the hero) and that he really does care for her. He seems determined however to get his revenge even if it takes her sleeping with his enemy to achieve it... but can he go through it in the end?

There's also a very interesting secondary romance between the hero's distant cousin, an innocent, idealistic country gentleman and a debauched, cynical lady of the ton. I actually found their romance more captivating that the main story:)

To be honest, I was bored reading this, even when the last 60-80 pages were filled with action and suspense as both villains tried to kill the heroine with the hero on their heels. I guess I'm not too much on revenge-at-all-costs plots after all as the hero's ruthlessness was too much for me. However people who are, will probably enjoy this one.

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message 1: by Corrine (new) - added it

Corrine Bummer!

message 2: by new_user (new)

new_user LOL. Yeah, I guess you're not a fan of the revenge. ;)

Fani *loves angst* Yes, the hero IMO, took the revenge a step too far in this one, as well as in The Serpent Prince. I guess people who do believe that the villains must be punished no matter what, won't have the same problem as I did. And to be honest, I also have a dislike for foppish males; to have a man beside me who wears more lace and jewels than I do, is not my idea of sexy.

message 4: by Dina (new)

Dina I'm not a fan of foppish males either, that's probably why I have a hard time with stories set in the Georgian period. Wigs and powder, ugh!

Eastofoz I didn't like this one either and the same for The Serpent Price. The hero here was too much of a loser and the heroine just kept taking it and taking. Get a backbone already (!) The sickly sweet ending also turned me off :-/

Fani *loves angst* I totally agree Eastofoz about the ending: it was so different in style than the rest of the story, that it put me off even more. And to have her pregnant with child almost every year of their married life is not my idea of showing his love for her.

Eastofoz Yeah that pregnancy thing every year was just plain dumb. So far I've only liked Anne Stuart's Ice series. Her older ones that I've read just haven't cut it --but I still have quite a few to go through so maybe I'll eventually find another gem :)

message 8: by new_user (new)

new_user o.o Pregnant every year?

Fani *loves angst* Yeah, in the epilogue it shows that after 9 or 10 years they have 6 or 7 children and the heroine is pregnant to another while she's holding her one year old -or even less- baby in her arms... What is wrong with letting her rest for a while between those births? This was not sweet, this was dumb for me.

Fani *loves angst* I have read 2 other books from Stuart, besides her Ice series which I love, The Devil's Waltz, which was really nice though not great, and Falling Angel which was contemporary with a PNR twist and I think I liked it even more. So TLADL, is the only stinker for me so far; hopefully it will also be the last:)

Eastofoz The duds I read were Moonrise and Night Fall. I have the other two you mentioned on TBR still.

Fani *loves angst* Just a suggestion: Save Falling Angel for christmas: you'll enjoy it even more since the whole story takes place during the Christmas season:)

Eastofoz Thanks for the advice. I liked seasonal stories during the right season :)

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Were 180 on this one, East. I really liked this one, because you don't see heroes this edgy that often. I actually liked the ending! It made up for him being such a baddie. I like all the babies in the epilogue. It's fantasy, so it's okay for me.

The Georgians definitely have the foppy heroes going on. It's okay for me as long as the hero is masculine.

Sorry you didn't like this one, East and Fani. Many other books in the sea, I guess.

Eastofoz LOL Danielle ! I like the edgy hero but not the kind that play the a-hole right to the end and the doormat heroine goes along with it --at least that's how I saw this one ;) The babies at the end were just the icing on the gag cake for me (lol!)

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) I love your imagery, East. It's all good. We're not going to all love the same books. It's not my favorite AS, but not my least favorite either. I thought it was a strong book, and I liked the Dangerous Liaisons nods in it.

Elizabeth maybe they wanted all the kids? Both of them had practically no family left. So it wouldn't be surprising that they wanted lots of kids to start a big family.

Anyways, if you don't like asshole heroes then I wouldn't recommend you reading any other Anne Stuart books because she's the Queen of the bad boy heroes. Even Anne's editor said Killoran was pushing it and she had to go back and tone him down some. That's why I love Anne's books so much, she writes TRUE rakes, rogues, and scoundrels. Bad boys aren't suppose to play nice. :)

Fani *loves angst* Liz, I've read and loved many Anne Stuart's books and a couple of them (Black Ice, Ice Blue, Lord of Danger) are in my top 20 books ever! Also, I have absolutely no problem with bad boys, instead I prefer them to nice guys; I think a look at my keepers shelf will convince you of this:)
Unfortunately, the fact that Stuart has written so many books I love, is probably the reason I was so harsh with this book, as I've come to have higher expectations from her than I do from other authors.

message 19: by Chryssa (new) - added it

Chryssa Fani... this is the only stinker for me so far!!!!
and this is a recommendation for me???
I dont know whether to be intrigued or not!
I TRUST YOU, though! and I will give this a try!
and if it's not good...8a sou faw to cookie ston cafe!!! :P

Fani *loves angst* Don't forget I also recommended After the Night to you though I didn't like it:)

message 21: by Chryssa (new) - added it

Chryssa Fani wrote: "Don't forget I also recommended After the Night to you though I didn't like it:)"

Counselor....I can't oppose your indisputable argumentation!!! 'Tis the truth! Aye! :P

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