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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
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Jan 12, 2009

it was amazing

Have you ever read a book so confusing, that when you started to read it, you would like it, but maybe later on you wouldn’t? Well, Huckleberry Finn is one. The author was so conscious about slavery issues; he made the first African American hero book. Mark Twain made millions of people love it. However, it was so controversial that some people hated it. Because it has so much bad language, crazy accents and so many confusing words. I'm not sure if I like it or not.

What makes the book so confusing is first the accent from that time. At chapter 4, when Jim started to talk to other slaves, they had a strong accent; they couldn't say the word "speak". Instead, they only could say “Spec”. So it was really confusing for some people who have a language deficit.

Secondly what affected me the most was the curse word "nigger" was used a lot in the book? This word was so strong that it made people get offended by it. In that way it helped to ban a good book. The word nigger was shown in the book lot times, it made me sad because of the fact that it made me imagine how it was back in that time period.

Finally, after reading this amazing book, with so much confusing language, curse words and accents from the past, it made lots of people get so into it, that it interested them to know more about it. It had the same effect on me. Now, if you want to take this challenge to read a book like that, choose Huckleberry Finn.

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message 1: by 2012david (new) - added it

2012david in your first paragraph you mention things about the bad language, well I'm suggesting that you put in some of the bad language to help support what you wrote.

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