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The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey
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Oct 04, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: mature-reads

I never know what to expect from Mercedes Lackey. She writes so much and with so many co-authors, her style and subject matter constantly changes. I read this book with a middle-school-librarian's eye and it would have been fine for 8th grade on up, but suddenly from out of the blue there are a couple of pages of crass behaviour and language from an otherwise mild and mellow character. Then its mild and mellow again for awhile, then a page of crassness from out of the blue. Not that this is written for children, but I was on the lookout for inappropriate text for kids. Now, its not that there is the crassness in there that bothers me. Its just that it seems to be stuck in there deliberately for some reason. It doesn't fit. Or perhaps the mild and mellow part doesn't fit and the whole thing should be crass. I've noticed it in other books by her as well. I stop reading and think, "Where did that come from?" It just isn't in character, nor does it flow with the rest of the book. She needs to choose a personality and way of writing and stick with it throughout a book, edgy or innocent. But maybe someone with so many books to her name doesn't need to.
Anyway, the plot of this book, despite the silly cover, is very interesting. On the surface its about a girl who becomes a fairy godmother. Deeper down its about the force of story on lives, how people are compelled to act by being forced into the grooves set down by storylines. A very interesting idea, well carried out and told. An interesting, if uneven, read.
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