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The Infects by Sean Beaudoin
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Oct 03, 2012

it was ok

Seventeen-year-old Nick Sole's life is far from ideal. His mom left. After getting canned, his dad checked out mentally, leaving Nick to care for his special needs sister and become the breadwinner of the family. Nick earns his paycheck by butchering chickens at a local plant, where he also pines over his crush, Petal Gazes. But when a promotion leads to sleep deprivation, a freak accident leads Nick to a 3 month sentence at Inward Trek boot camp, where he is given the nickname, Nero. One day into the trek, and Nero and his fellow delinquents awaken to find their counselors eating each other...and they are thrown into a real-life zombie movie, literally running for their lives.

I'm not a super-big zombie fan. I like Plants vs. Zombies, but that's about the extent of it. But, I really wanted this book to lead me to the zombie bandwagon...and while it wasn't just fell short of my high hopes. Looking at other reviews on Amazon, I seem to be in the minority. It was well-written, but I just felt it was too much. Too many quirky characters (two buses full of nick-named juvenile delinquents...I was saying "Who?" and flipping back and forth way too much). Too many zombie movie cliches (there are "Zombrules" inserted throughout, only to be broken/disproven sentences later). Too predictable (while the ending threw me for a loop, the cause was pretty obvious early on). It's a decent book, and an interesting read...I just wasn't feeling it enough to give it more than an "OK."

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