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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
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Oct 03, 2012

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Julia's Rating: 3 Stars

I read this book in one long binge. And, like most food binges, I felt kinda sick afterwards. This is one of the most unsettling tales I've read in some time. Not so much because it's gruesome or explicit. Rather it's a total psychological tease. With two narrators - husband Nick and wife Amy - telling their sides of the same course of events, the reader vacillates from believing her, then believing him, then her, then him ... back and forth until you can't be sure that anything is totally true. While some mysteries cause a reader to wonder that age-old question, "how well do you actually know those you think you know best?" This book makes you wonder if you can know a person *too* well, and if so, what good can come from it? For folks who love a good mystery with a can't-put-it-down pacing, this book is for you. For people, who like tidy endings that make you feel good about humanity, this book is *not* for you.

Stephanie’s rating: 4 stars

"Gone Girl" is a superb psychological thriller that will surely have you speculating about the people you hold dear! Forget about detail oriented and obsessive compulsive. Those qualities are benign compared to what you are about to read! Herein lies the ultimate killer! Everything is calculated. Really there is no choice. For Amy and Nick Dunne, it was just the beginning. They began their relationship in harmony, but years later with no jobs, no income, and no baby in sight, their lives start taking a turn for the worst. Best watch out! For anyone to become so passionate about their clever demise, I’m just stunned! Is that even possible?! I mean, we've seen it on the news and heard about it from strangers, but how likely is it for someone to get away with murder?! Your own murder?! Read! You must!

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