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Phoenix by A.J. Scudiere
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Oct 03, 2012

it was ok

This is a DNF review - I finished half of Phoenix.

Plot: I'm quite disappointed with this book. The content of the mystery, especially the way it is unraveled by Jason, is very entertaining. However, much of the book is just fluff about firemen's jobs. Granted, the novel made me repect firemen much more, but more ofen than not, Jason is going on job-related adventures (as opposed to brother-locating adventures), a huge letdown.

Writing Style: Not only is the plot rambling and much of it unnecessary, half the time I'm not even sure who or what the author is referring to during the job. For instance, there are so many firemen characters; sometimes, they are referred to by their last names, and sometimes, their first names. Frankly, it's disorienting. I'd just begun to get used to all the (last) names and suddenly, Scudiere attacks me with a herd of Clarks and Connellys. That's the last thing I need with the plot complex enough as it is. As it was, I had some trouble keeping up with the events.
What is even more frustrating is the deluge of cussing that fills this book. Sufficed to say, I was more than a little uncomfortable. Seriously, I should have counted the number of times in each page that the F-Bomb was dropped.

Characters: There is hardly any character development in Phoenix. I couldn't like Jason and his love interest, Aida, was (as far as I read it) just kinda there - without much of a purpose other than to push Jason on when he started getting impatient and disillusioned. The story focuses on action, action, action. Although I love that, I must have at least some sort of connection to the protagonists, which is difficult in itself as they are adult firemen.

What Phoenix needs is a great editor, one who can tighten up the content and remove all the uneccesary plot points and sideplots. It needs to be put together in a way that highlights the mystery within the novel, rather than hides it behind a bunch of fireman stories. Otherwise, this is just another could-have-been-amazing novel.
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