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Jan 10, 2009

did not like it

I hated this book. There's just no nicer way to put it. Toni Morrison is definitely NOT my favorite author. I got stuck reading this for a book report my junior year of high school and I wanted to take it outside and burn it. If it wouldn't have been a library copy, I probably would have. I don't know what else to say. I won't go into grand detail about all the things that made this book awful because I would be here all night. Needless to say, I will never pick up another book from her. Before I read this, I had always heard that she was such a great author and that I should read her work. I wonder if they had ever actually read this one? Maybe some of her others are better but I guess I'll never know. I just can't bring myself to ever find out.
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Sandi Although I gave this book 5 stars and have it on my top-10 list, I did vote for your review because of the passion of your loathing. My daughter read "Jazz" when she was in high school and she hated it as much as you hated "Beloved". I suspect that Toni Morrison is not an author for high school girls.

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Lindsey Woohoo! Someone else to add to my I Hate Toni Morrison Club! This book was creepy beyond reason. And it's not just Beloved. I had to read The Bluest Eye in college, and it was just as disturbing, just in a different time period. I think she has issues.

Misty Yes, Lindsey, you can definitely add me to that club. And Sandi, I'm glad you enjoyed "the passion of my loathing." That was great. I have to say though, I suspect I would still hate "Beloved" if I picked it up to read it now. I am really no different in mind set than I was in high school. I have always been practically middle aged because I was an only child who grew up around mostly adults. I just can't bring myself to ever touch another of her books. She once basically told Oprah that she didn't understand her books because she wasn't smart enough. Those weren't her exact words, but it's what she meant. I think that is incredibly arrogant. So that's another reason I refuse to pick up her books. Look, I'm back on my soapbox again, ha. Sorry....I just hate this book so much.

Oscar Calva Sure it's not. Your five star rated books and favourites shelf make a perfect case as to which type your favourite authors are.

Not much of a pulitzer or nobel winner there, unlucky Toni Morrison only has both of them, but not a multi-million dollar best-seller teen trilogy or tetralogy. Anyway, there's a book for each type of reader, and as with wines, the good book is the one you like.

Misty Hmmm....did I strike a nerve with someone? It always amazes me when someone gets so defensive and angry over a review of something they didn't even write. I am entitled to my opinion just as you are. Sure, I like Twilight and I like The Hunger Games but that doesn't mean I'm not an intellectual woman who can appreciate other genres of fiction as well. Did you ever stop to think that my bookshelf is not complete? I enjoy a variety of fiction but I also dislike some authors. Toni Morrison is one such author. I could care less if an author has won the Pulitzer or Nobel. Big deal! That doesn't make them a GOOD author to everyone. I think it shows a lot about your character that you would come here and make a comment insulting someone you don't know. Shame on you for that. I won't go any further with that because I have more class than to tell you what I really think about this. So I will leave it at that. Don't comment on anything of mine again.

Sandi Misty, I've been on the end of the chiding as you. You are absolutely right, you are entitled to your opinion. Why people feel a need to tell others that they're basically stupid for not liking something they consider to be "great' is ridiculous. Awards and accolades are completely subjective as is one's personal reaction to a book. If you want to see some of the interesting reactions I've received to my reviews, check out The Golden Compass, The Road, and The Cat in the Hat. My reviews are my own personal reaction to what I've read. I tend to like most books or find positive things to say about ones that are boderline. I try to be clear about why I didn't like a particular book. It's funny how people react so negatively to a bad review of a book they love. They act like you're attacking them. It's crazy.

Misty Sandi, I want to thank you so much for your comment. I hold firm to the belief that sometimes you should keep your thoughts to yourself. I've seen plenty of bad reviews for books I love but never say anything harsh to the person leaving such a review. I respect their opinions even though I do not share them. It is such a shame that--even though we live in a society where we are supposed to be much less oppressed in speaking our minds--having an opinion seems to be so taboo. I totally agree with everything you say and I am definitely going to check out the response to your reviews. Thanks again for being so kind. I was appalled that someone would insult me in such a way without knowing me at all and just because I happened to really hate a book they enjoyed. You take care!!

Cristina Suarez Hi Misty and Sandy. I liked most of your comments. Its good to find people on goodreads who can be civil. There is cerntainly much need for tolerance in the world. I just want to point out a little thing. The way you talked about book burning can be quite offensive. Im very passionate myself but years have taught me that words are powerful and can hurt people a lot. I personaly am a big fan of Toni Morrison and Beloved and when you talked about burnig it Ouch! It really got to me. Im sure you meant it figuratively but Its not a nice image anyway. If you ever happen to stumble with a book you get to hate dont burn it. Pass it along. Im sure theres always gonna be someone that is going to enjoy it :))

Misty Yeah, it was just a figure of speech. I'd probably just donate it somewhere if I owned it and hated it. Thankfully, this was one I got from the library so I was able to quickly and safely remove put from my possession, haha. I just can't tolerate her work. It's not my cup of tea. We are all different :) That's what makes the world go 'round :) Thanks for being nice even though you didn't agree. I appreciate that!!!

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