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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
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Update 6/9/12 ** some spoilers..** but if you haven't read this by now, shame on you. I know it's popular and over-saturated, but it's not Twilight...At all. Read it asap.

Re-reading the series because...I just want to, darn it. I bought the books for that reason, right?

It was for me, just as hang-on-to-your-hat as the first time. I should have put it down at 11 and went to bed, but no.

The first 2/3 of the book isn't exciting at all. But really, in this terrible dystopian world, I think things had to get worse for Katniss before she decided that something had to be done. Things decidedly get worse.

Her second worst nightmare happens: she's going back in the arena. Gah! I totally remember the first read through around that that was the last thing I expected.

She realizes her first worst nightmare will probably come to pass in one way or another: there are going to be deaths. She can't protect everyone (major foreshadowing), but she'll die trying.

I'll amend something I mentioned below: I do think this is maybe slightly better than HG. I can't really pin point it. It's a great book. Both are. HG introduces us to a world we can't imagine, and Catching Fire starts to show the cracks.

The growing pains have begun. You can only suppress and oppress people for so long until they say "enough". Twelve districts live for the single benefit of the Capital.

Did you get it the first time? She's the girl on fire, so they put in in the one place where fire can't burn: Water. And lots of it.

I thought the idea of the clock was genius, not only in it's written execution but also in the metaphor. Your time is short. Your life is short.

I think I even learned a thing or two about human nature.

Also, don't pre-judge people. Of course, you're right 95% of the time, but 5% of the time, people will surprise you. They might be brave and noble hiding behind snobby and aloofness.

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Loved it!!!

Totally not what I expected, but a good story. Although not as jaw-droppingly good as the first book.

Less action, especially in the first act of the book. Action picks up later, but is still not as good as the first one. Still, a good 'middle' book, for what I expect to be a trilogy. Provided a little more backstory, and certainly a lot more foreshadowing of what will be happening next.

Can't wait for the next one!!!

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Libby Grossman i cant wait for this book when i read hunger games i hoped there would be a seconed

Arya I sooo agree with you!! I L-O-V-E-D, loved the Hunger Games!!

babyhippoface Ah, but it is worth the wait!

Arya So true!!

message 5: by Makeda (new)

Makeda Sandfordd I totally agree withh you man .
but, it is worth the wait.

Jill Oh I know I just finished it and I felt really REALLY sorry for Peeta--and all through the games she had no idea that he actually liked her...

Philip I guess your wait's over.

Ekaterina i loved this book! i read it in June so before it came out in September 1st and when i was done i was like omgeee now i have to wait till summer of 2010 for the 3rd book!! man it was great

Mji8888888 Uhhhhh, i sometimes hate how books can be good because then you have to wait for the sequal and get really annoyed. I finsihed the books in 2 days so i have to wait a while now... :(

message 10: by Sara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sara I guess I'm surprised you all liked the first one better, I liked it but thought this was way better, maybe I was more into the story and characters this time. Can't wait for the third!

Jenna A I agree. I did like the first one better, but this one was amazing. Like you said, the arena was genius with the metaphor. I wasn't expecting her to have to go back into the arena. When I was reading honestly that was the last thing I expected to happen. It hadn't even crossed my mind. The end was such a cliff hanger. I just..ah! Love this book.

Wendy Yeah, it's pretty amazing, IMO.

I feel the re-read brought a broader understanding of the deeper things from this series, and I think that people who are unsatisfied with the third book would benefit from trying to see the metaphor of the whole thing.


message 13: by Ultimate (new)

Ultimate YA I loved this book but I agree that the first one was better.I love this review and agree with it! If you love Hunger Games you may love other YA books! Check out Ultimate YA magazine for ideas on what to read next. The theme of a past issue was Dystopian Novels which you may be interested if you liked Hunger Games! Here's a link to the issue if you're interested. Subscribe for more! http://www.ultimateya.com/past-issues...

Miquel Reina Great review Wendy!

Wendy Thank you, very kind :)

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