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Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols
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Okay so, I've made a vow to myself to write reviews for every book I finish (since making this vow), and the short warning to stay away from this book that served as my review before kept coming back to haunt me, screaming CHEAT!!!

I've cooled off since then, so I can probably give a review without dissolving into a puddle of gooey rage and expletives.

First off, let me address the rating; 4.02 average, as of the time I'm writing this review. I'll be honest, it's what reeled me in. And caught me like a fish on a hook, in for the same amount of torture. Now I'll admit to being on the outside of a lot of book hype; I was one of the like seven people in the entire world who didn't like Divergent. But I would read a dozen Divergents, two City Of Bones, and top it off with an entire reread of the Twilight saga over subjecting myself to Going Too Far again.

Sound harsh? Well, it is. But this is a novel that prompted me to make a whole new shelf to showcase it's absolute crappiness.

Now, for the examples; From page one, it becomes evident that the writing is sub-par. Sure, there are a few paragraphs, maybe even an entire page here and there, that don't make your eyes bleed. But for the most part, the writing is overly obvious, the attitudes forced, the descriptions repetitive, and some of them just flat out don't make sense. I couldn't see his face, but I could tell from the way he walked that he was a teenager." "I knew it was too good to be true when it got even better." There is even an instance when Meg can hear John blush. Not hear his blush in his words. Hear John blush. Now I'll forgive a lot, but that is physically impossible.

But Meg's sudden bursts of super-human senses weren't even my biggest pet peeves. No, that goes to the most retardedly used, beat-the-reader-over-the-head-with-it metaphor I have ever read.

Meg has blue hair. She dyed it awhile ago to stand out or announce her rebelliousness or whatever. And don't worry about forgetting Meg has blue hair or mistaking it for purple or green down the line, because we are reminded of Meg's blue hair. A lot. A whole freaking lot. Even more than we're told about John's dark eyes, we're reminded about Meg's blue hair.

And the thing is, she acts like it's a freaking stamp on her forehead proclaiming her a lecher or something. I don't know about you, but I actually think a chick with blue hair is kinda hot. Especially when they're not, you know, thirty. Meg constantly tells herself John can't like her because she has blue hair. When his friends point out the proprietary way he watches her, Meg's internal reaction is this; But my hair is blue!

Who. The. Eff. Cares?

Now, I wouldn't call just why this a metaphor a spoiler, but I'm going to tag it as one anyway just in case. (view spoiler) Though this one actually is a spoiler, and should only be read if you've already read this book, or are smart enough to heed my warning and don't plan on reading it. (view spoiler)

I do not get how this book got so many 4 and 5 star ratings. I really don't. It is one of only two books I've ever rated one star, which should prove that I don't give this rating out lightly.

Huh. Looks like I couldn't write this review without dissolving into a puddle of gooey rage. At least I kept the expletives out.
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November 18, 2012 –
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25.71% "Not bad so far, I really like how Echols isn't rushing the romance or forcing it. But one thing that kind of annoyed me; Why would Meg just assume the cop was like 40 with a wife and kids? Especially since he's only 19. I have yet to meet a teenager who looked like a middle-aged man, no matter how official their uniform."
November 19, 2012 –
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54.69% "Okay so this book is actually...not very good so far. Not feeling the chemistry - like at all, not connecting with the characters, and the writing isn't that great. Too snarky and repetitive. There was a paragraph that used the words "dark eyes" in reference to John 3 times. That is two times too many. I don't know how that made it past an editor. But it's still pretty readable, despite that."
November 20, 2012 –
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79.18% "How is this a book? Looks like I'll be having my my second one-star rating here. And I don't give books 1 star lightly. Ugh the writing makes my head hurt."
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Sam I... really want to know how you hear someone blush. I feel like I want to learn how to do that.

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