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Bullied by Carrie Goldman
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Sep 28, 2012

it was amazing
Read in September, 2012

The Good Stuff
•Practical real life information written in easy to understand language - unusual as most of bullying stuff I have read is overly scholarly without real life solutions
•Lots of real life situations that readers can learn from and understand
•Incredible amount of research was put into this
•Index extremely thourogh
•Fabulous detailed Resources list and Reading recommendations for children
•Interesting relavant statistics
•Lots of positivity and hopeful messages
•Fantastic emphasis that their are wonderful people and resources on the internet for kids - many of these books only talk about the negativity for social interactions on the internet when their are fabulous supportive people out their to connect with
•Highlights the types of kids who are at risk for being bullied
•Heartfelt - you can tell the author just really wants to help & uses her real life experiences
•Really makes you take a look at yourself and how just you can help make a difference
•Learned some fantastic ideas that I can use to help Jake deal with the bullying he has been experiencing

The Not So Good Stuff
•Some of the stories sickened me and the thought that kids can be so horribly cruel scares the living hell out of me -- especially as my child (he has spina bifida & wears a diaper) is a child that is at very high risk for bullying

Favorite Quotes/Passages

"All too often, scholars conduct their research studies and disseminate their findings to other scholars and rarely attempt to translate their findings into practical solutions for schools. Thus, this academic isolation or elitism leaves the practioners questioning the commitment of researchers to impart real-world solutions to prevent bullying."

"In a time when parents are all fired up about the Internet tearing their kids down, I experienced quite the reverse; my child was lifted up and bolstered by online support."

"But the reality is, many of our own children are doing the bullying, and we need to acknowledge this. It starts with examining our behaviour as parents and role models. We can have a huge impact on how our children act, simply by being aware of the subtle messages we send through our conversations and body language, through our parenting styles and home environments, because children learn about social relationships at home and bring their knowledge into school."

Who Should/Shouldn't Read
•A must read for all teachers, parents, kids - in other words practically everybody
•Perfect for any family that has had to deal with this behavior & perfect timing for me as my child is being bullied
•This needs to be in every school, library and house

4.75 Dewey's

I received this from TLC Tours in exchange for an honest review
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