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Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich
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Jan 08, 2009

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The next Between-the-Numbers novel is out and Diesel is back. Yes, I know most of the Plum fans love either Morelli or Ranger, but for me, it's Diesel all the way! He's both Ranger and Morelli rolled together with a dash of uber-dangerous tossed in to boot. Gotta love those super-dangerous bad boys that you so would not take home to mom. But that's me...I like to tread the line.
And boy does Stephanie tread the line in this one. Most of the readers critisms of the series is that the story line is unbelievable, even for "Plum"...I have to agree but in a different way. One of the things that I tend to really have a hard time with is a heroine that is "too stupid to live" and I'm sorry, I can't tell if Stephanie is "TSTL" or just soooo pig headed by being surrounded by big macho men that she just can not see when it's healthy to her person to stay out of it or what. But in this one, she was way too big for her britches. She nearly got not only herself in trouble (alot), was told to stay put (for very good reasons) so she can be safe then bolted out the door at the first moment no one was looking, and then quickly setting herself into a situation where she and most likely some other character had their lives threatened...for what? Pride - come on!
Silly is one thing, and even "bumbling" I can handle, but plain ol stupid, now now, Stephanie is not stupid but she was in this one. I can't tell if it's Diesel that melts her brain or if Janet was just trying for a level of silliness that was just over the top, even for her. I still enjoyed the book, don't get me wrong but the "suspending disbelief" envelope was severly being pushed. Any more and I'm going to start disliking Stephanie's hard headedness as just being downright pissy.
Oh, and where was the Jersey Devil? Did I miss him? He was only referenced by other characters....jipped!
Oh well, here's to the next one. Hopefully I'll like it better.
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