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Angel's Ink by Jocelynn Drake
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Sep 27, 2012

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bookshelves: fantasy-sci-fi-paranormal, fiction, series

Although, the setting of this magical world is supposedly 100 years after the Great War between humans and Warlocks/Witches, the world just seems like a modern day, grimy New York City. The exception being that all sorts of supernatural beings inhabit the world now amongst the humans freely. The world envisioned in this novel seems too basic, too modern, and too similar to present day. I would've like to see more of an imaginative world filled with magical things not present in our modern time such as advanced communication devices instead of a basic cell-phone. Even when Drake describes the trip to the Underworld, it seems very basic at best. In the end, Drake’s world in this novel was not overly imaginative and detailed, just basic and safe, but still good.

The protagonist, Gage, is a renegade Warlock and owner of a tattoo parlor who finds trouble or creates trouble for himself by using magic when it is forbidden. Well, forbidden for him due to his previous infractions with the Ivory Towers. He must only use magic for protection or else face immediate execution from the Ivory Towers, where Warlocks and Witches reside and took upon themselves to inflict a god-like presence on the world of the humans. Drake tries to portray Gage as this somewhat cocky, yet caring individual that lets his anger get the best of him at times. Gage is fair-minded, however, this world forces him to rethink his actions and betray his idealistic morals. I like Gage. I think in the following series, Drake will find a way to develop his character better.

A quick read with not much details into the world of the supernatural. Drake does not describe this world in great detail of why and how things are the way they are, but at least the reader is aware of certain incidents. For example, we know that vampires generally work for an agency that monitors tattoo parlors, however, Drake refrains from really delving into why vampires work for this agency or why vampires have an OCD problem with buttons! It's just a plain, interesting story with characters that have potential, but just haven't peaked to the challenge. I have a feeling the next book in the series will be more developed. A mediocre start for a series, but still somewhat imaginative and interesting.

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