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texting tyler by Rebecca Rembish
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Sep 26, 2012

really liked it

The author wrote a really cute and endearing love story about a girl who is very insecure about herself and trying to come to terms with everything around her. This was a very cute and fun, fast easy read that I enjoyed several times over. I would recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat, I never realized really how much a difference the written word can be compared to a text. There really is more meaning behind it.

We meet Amy as she is on her way for a week to stay with her Grandma. She's never had a boyfriend, doesn't really have friends, is very smart but still very antisocial. So go figure when she goes to her grandmas house she meets Chris and then meets his friends. All of a sudden she's a social butterfly and is having so much fun with the people she's just met. She has a bit of a crush on Chris but he never made a move on her, she being inexperienced didn't know what to think of it other than he didn't like her in that way. The entire time Chris really adored her, he was falling for her but he too was inexperienced. He's never liked anyone like this before.

They go on a number of group dates/hang outs/ and even spend some time alone, and it seemed as if something was going to happen but then they got interrupted. She was only there for a week but ti felt so much longer to the group of friends and they were definitely going to miss each other. On the last night she was able to hang out with them, Chris's brother Tyler was throwing a party and needed Chris to help bring his friends home. Taking a chance and bringing Amy back with him he had no idea that when he got back he would see Tyler and Amy kissing.

After that she leaves back to New York but they still keep in contact, her and Chris, and she also has it in her mind that Tyler is now her boyfriend. This is where her inexperience really shines brightly. Everyone around her can see it but she's in denial. She starts receiving texts from him, but really they are from Chris. All the while still talking to Chris every day. her feelings grow for him and it just confuses her even more.

Overall the story was great. I really enjoyed reading every minute of it and couldn't wait to see what happened next throughout the whole story. makes you miss the innocence you once had when you were so young. We are all so jaded. You have to read this book if you want something quick and entertaining to read. The cover is really cute and simple and I can totally picture Amy doing that.

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