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The Mouse That Roared by Leonard Wibberley
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Jan 07, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: 2004-read
Read in September, 2004

** spoiler alert ** My first thought -- very near the beginning -- was that this should be made into a play, or maybe a musical. The idea of the Duchess on a bike! -- the fourteenth-century chain mail and weapons, Tully Bascomb, and the monocle-wearing Count Montjoy, "without which [the monocle], he was wont to maintain, no man could claim to be fully dressed." in a show was so clear that I could see it unfolding as I read today :)

This book was utterly unpredictable and refreshing. I couldn't wait to read what happened next! The little tiny country (I mean duchy) of Grand Fenwick, their world-renown for a very good wine, and the absent-minded Dr. Kokintz (inventor of the Q-bomb) make this story delightfully entertaining. In addition, the current state of the world and America's "War on Terror" made this especially interesting. I loved the thought of the "Tiny Twenty" -- the League of Little Nations -- made up of countries including Iceland, Ecuador, Panama. and of course, Grand Fenwick. The author even entertains us by having the delegate from Ireland sitting next to the delegate from Israel. Due to the alphabetical seating arrangement, of course!


This book even has romance, and I loved Duchess Gloriana's proposal to Tully:

"I have an important matter to discuss with you," Gloriana whispered, feeling completely wretched. "It's a matter of state. But it's something personal too. It's more personal really than it is a matter of state."
"Whatever it may be," said Tully, "I will do all in my power to help."
"It's not really a matter of helping. It's a matter of cooperating -- of working with me."
"Working with you?"
"Yes. Well, not exactly that." She looked appealingly at the older Bascomb.
"You say it," she pleaded. "You say it, like they said it for you."
Pierce looked from her to his son. "Gloriana wants me to become her father-in-law -- that's it, isn't it?"
"Yes," Gloriana whispered.
"Her what?" asked Tully.
"Her father-in-law."
"Father-in-law! But you're my father."
"Precisely, and you are my only son."
Tully looked for a second from one to the other and then walked over to Gloriana and, taking her two hands, raised her to her feet.
"My father accepts proudly," he said, "his son humbly."

Oh, how sweeet! I loved it!

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