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it was amazing
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5++ stars!!! (maybe even 6)

I seriously LOVED this book!!! I loved Sylvie. I loved Creed. Their story broke my heart and despite adoring it, emotionally, it ripped my heart out. It was a heart wrenching, tragic, BEAUTIFUL love story about survival of loss...

But you know, the most tragic stories of loss make for some of the most heart warming and MEANINGFUL reunions -every moment of good becomes unimaginably precious. Full. Earned. Treasured…. that what this story is about.

“I’m not what you want, Sylvie, I get that because its the same for you as it is for me. I’m not what you want ’cause I’m what you need.”

When Sylvie was six and Creed was eleven, they met in the woods one night – both trying to get away from the misery wrapped up in their homes. Over the years, their bond is forged and cemented – they helped each other, sheltered each other, supported each other, fell in love, made plans to get away. But on the night they were supposed to leave, Creed never showed. He just disappeared….. Cut to present day, sixteen years later, Sylvie is working for Knight’s business in the security department. When there is a breach, he calls in Creed – not knowing of their connection. Suddenly faced with the man who abandoned her so many years ago and forced into a situation where they have to partner up for a job, Sylvie has no choice but to deal with the past she’s been trying to put behind her… But it all leads to one very important question: Why did he abandon her? What could have happened to make him never show up?

Let me tell you , I was feeling really betrayed and hurt by him at that point. All I could think about was how on earth could he abandon her after everything they’d been through together and promised each other, and not communicate for sixteen years… I couldn’t think of a single reason that would honestly justify that. I went through a period of extreme HURT and betrayal while I was reading. My heart ached. It was a physical pain. I felt ill. It was the strongest hurt I’ve EVER felt from any of KA’s character’s actions.

I was desperately wracking my brain to come up with ANY reason for what he did…. The closest feeling I can describe to what I felt here was how I felt while reading The Sweet Gum Tree. In a word: intense and painful.

But then the reason came out as to why he never showed and it hit me SO hard. Tears were pouring down my face. It was a tragedy of epic proportions. I didn’t think KA would go there, I honestly didn’t, but she did and my heart is still hurting when I think about what happened to him.

It took Creed and Sylvie up until about the half way mark to sort out their past, but once they did, they became functional to an extreme with an intense chemistry and H.O.T.N.E.S.S. off the freaking charts. I mean SERIOUSLY hot. Think make-up sex, but a million times hotter because its making up for sixteen years of heart ache.

I loved Sylvie!!! In a word, she was badass! As one of the protection enforcers for Knight’s business, its literally her job to kick ass. She was just totally one of the guys – an Alpha female not to be messed with . She read, acted and talked exactly like one of the KA men – except with a decidedly feminine twist. I love it!! She took care of herself, no one controlled her. In many ways, she was the female version of Creed.

I loved that they saw eye to eye, stood toe to toe – badass to badass. Sylvie is Creed. Creed is Sylvie. They were born for each other. Made for each other. I loved that even through unthinkable tragedy and years of separation, the love that they’d had since they were children never faded. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

“I loved the man under me in a way that wasn’t just mean to be. It wasn’t a way we were born to be. It was in a way that needed to be.”

Creed melted my heart. I fell really hard for him and just fell deeper and deeper in love as the story went on. He was a tortured badass whose life and heart was tied to Sylvie. When he came back into her life and found out the truth of what had happened to her, it killed me and yet melted my heart how much it hurt him and how strongly he was devoted to working towards replacing her bad memories with good ones, determined to do everything in his power to put their lives back together.

I’ll say that there was a point where I was pretty furious with him and even to this moment, I still don’t agree with a series of decisions that he made after they were ripped away from each other (you’ll know what I mean when you get to it). Its not even that I can understand what he did, cuz honestly, I can’t. But its ok. I recognize that he’s not perfect and I can accept him as such. The circumstances were horrific, tragic and I’m not going to judge how people react in those situations… it still doesn’t sit fully right with me, but that’s ok. You don’t love someone cuz they are perfect, you love them flaws and all… and I can say that I completely, 100% LOVE Tucker Creed. Flaws and all.

Their story is told in present day with flash backs to their past filling in the blanks and answering the myriad of questions that their present day story leads to. I loved how we never got the whole thing at once… we got little snippets here and there that piece together their story… it was really powerful and built up from when they were kids to that fateful day when Creed never showed.

Creed and Sylvie were just two amazingly wonderful people who life had dealt and unthinkably horrific hand of cards. But they were survivors. Reading this story just made me SICK to my stomach, thinking about the lengths that people in this world will go through to steal happiness from others…

They were strong before, but the joint trauma of having gone through what they were made to go through makes them closer than you can imagine. Its about the point of how when you meet that person that is The One, even if the world comes crashing down, there is nothing that can erase those feelings.

“For over twenty-seven years, every day, every minute, every second, I’ve loved you, Tucker Creed.”

When you have precious in your life and are willing to do anything and everything in your power to fight to keep it but have it wrenched away form you, have to live without it – with the ache of it missing from your life. That’s what makes it so that when it’s back, there is not one minute, not one second, not a breath that isn’t precious, priceless, full.

“You need me. You won’t stay away and you won’t let me go because, baby, you can’t breathe without me.”

I cried a few times throughout this book, but by the end I was crying so hard I could barely see straight. Happy tears of course :) The end killed me in a wonderful way. It was an BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT, GORGEOUS, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE ending… just WOW.

I’m tempted to give this one 6 stars. It was THAT good.

“You’re my world, Sylvie. Always have been. Always will be.”

Lol, funny side note… my husband heard me crying from the other room and came in and took one look at my face and went “Jeez, baby, you do this for fun?!?” hahahaaa I sorta tried to smile and wailed out a pretty pathetic “yyeeeeeaaaaahhhh”

Let me just say that there are a lot of incredibly gifted and talented authors out there, and I mean a LOT. But NO one can write badass like KA does. She truly is the reigning queen of badass.

And speaking of badass, there were some great cameos in this book - namely from Knight and Hawk (yes, Mystery Man Hawk). I really warmed up to Knight in this book. Like REALLY. To the point where I absolutely freaking ADORED him. I loved his relationshipip with Sylvie – how deeply protective he was of her and how much she meant to him. “Bottom of my soul.” *cluthes heart* … I struggled with his book a lot but in this book, I loved seeing how much he had grown, changed, adapted. It was beautiful and heart warming…. and when Hawk (and his gorgeous dimples) make a fantastic, if brief, appearance for the final 90% craziness, I could barely contain my squees

CREED was just a gorgeous, beautiful, intense read. One of KA’s best. I’m writing this a day after having finished the book and my heart is still full to the brim with my love for Sylvie and Creed. Their story was emotional exhausting and deeply satisfying.

I started my review with this line, but I want to end it with it as well. I think its one of the most beautiful lines I’ve ever read. If that doesn’t convey the depth of their love, I don’t know what can.

“Born to love you, baby… Die lovin’ you, my Sylvie.”


This is the guy I'm seeing as CREED! Just scar and bulk him up a bit in your minds.... HAWWWWTT!!

Then this (and the picture at the top of the review) reminded me of a younger Creed & Sylvie at their pier :)

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23.0% "God my heart is hurting. Seriously hurting. It physically hurts."
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32.0% " "I'd move here. I'd move to the goddamnned, fucking moon to wake up to you in my bed.""
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33.0% " You need me. You won't stay away and you won't let me go because, baby, you can't breathe without me."
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40.0% "*tear* Born to love you, baby... Die lovin' you, my Sylvie."
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40.0% "*tear* Born to love you, baby... Die lovin' you, my Sylvie."
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42.0% "**SOB** "For over twenty-seven years, every day, every minute, every second, I've loved you, Tucker Creed.""
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56.0% "Wow that was an INTENSE first half of the book. It's 4am so I gotta go to bed. Love this book. Love creed. Love Sylvie. Can't wait to get back to it. G'nite all :)"
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60.0% " I loved the man under me in a way that wasn't just mean to be. It wasn't a way we were born to be. It was in a way that needed to be."
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79.0% "Oh god *clutches heart* I just got to the birthday flashback. I don't know if I can handle this. Sniffffffff. I'm gonna cry. I just know it."
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88.0% " I fell asleep on that pier. \n *cries*"
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99.0% " I'm crying so much I can barely see what I'm typing. Happy tears of course. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ENDING!!!!! \n *sob* ... Review time."
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❤️ Dorsey aka Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️ Don't fight it....just go with it ;)

Aestas Book Blog lol, its impossible to fight the KA addiction! :D

message 4: by Ame (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ame Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Creed as I loved Creed but didn't care to much about Knight.... the daddy issue....

Aestas Book Blog I know what you mean... I'm SO looking forward to starting CREED!!!

Tammy  Zautner Enjoy Creed Aestas! I think he may be my favorite KA man yet..:)

Elaine I loved Creed, up there with Joe at Peace. Can't wait for your review, Enjoy!!

Aestas Book Blog SQUEE!!!!!! you guys have NO idea how much I'm looking forward to starting this tonight!!! I'll be counting down the hours :)

edzkie♥§*.*§♥ squeeee...for the first time KA makes me cry...:)

message 10: by Zeek (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zeek I started this and I love the characters but I'm having a hard time because of the pain between them. It's killing me. I might have to save this for when I'm in the mood for a heart-wrencher.

Aestas Book Blog Zeek, I spent all last night FREAKING THE HELL OUT over the first half of the book and why he left. There was not ONE scenario I could imagine that would EVER have justified what happened but TRUST ME, TRUST ME, TRUST ME... when the explanation comes out, it was a good freaking reason. It broke my heart, but it was the ONLY reason on the earth I would have accepted. I didn't think KA would go there honestly which is why it wasn't an option in my mind, but she did, and it was a good reason. Don't worry.

But I know what you are feeling. My heart was shattering, I was SO hurt by what I thought his actions were. Seriously, I don't think I've ever been this hurt by a character's actions before... but, having read the reason, I totally get it.

message 12: by Zeek (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zeek You know, I have no doubt that he DOES have a good reason, the hard part is watching it play out for me. :/

message 13: by Ame (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ame Oh, I totally understood his reasons as well but a lot of people didn't and it bothered them... but KA did a really good job of explaining them in this questionaire....

I so love this book....

Aestas Book Blog ok... I lightly skimmed it cuz I'm trying to stay away from spoilers and I'm actually really glad I read that before continuing on to the second half of the book. Thanks for the link Ame :)

message 16: by Aestas Book Blog (last edited Sep 28, 2012 07:10AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aestas Book Blog Dorsey wrote: "Perfect pictures!!!!"

As soon as I saw those black and white ones I thought of Creed and Sylvie :D

❤️ Dorsey aka Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️ Aestas Book Blog wrote: "Dorsey wrote: "Perfect pictures!!!!"

As soon as I saw those black and white ones I thought of Creed and Sylvie :D"

I can see why!!

~*~JenJenBoBin I thought you'd love this one!!! So glad you did! :)

Aestas Book Blog yeah *happy sniff* I totally did :-)

message 20: by Yodamom (new)

Yodamom those pictures alone sold me, then a great review...

~*~JenJenBoBin you always write such fantastic reviews too ... this one is awesome!

Aestas Book Blog Thanks guys *grins* :))

.Lili. Awesome review! I'm buying it now!

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

Great review!

message 25: by Leea (new) - rated it 3 stars

Leea Great review!

Aestas Book Blog Lol thanks guys:-)

Tammy  Zautner Loved this, and your hubby's comment made me crack a smile. Mine is always shaking his head at me when I am in tears over a

Aestas Book Blog Lol! I knowww they just don't get why we love these books so much :p

message 29: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ Beautiful review Aestas!!! You totally captured it. And those pics are perfect! I knew you would love this book! It's so, so amazing!

Aestas Book Blog Thanks AJ!! You were absolutely right... I adored it!!

Karen Great review! The picture in the water is the perfect Sylvie & Creed.

Aestas Book Blog thanks Karen! It just felt so 'them' :)

Nikki Awesome review! I'm so excited to finally start this one!! :)

Aestas Book Blog Enjoy! And be patient with Creed :-) Its worth it!

Brittany Can this be read without reading knight?

Aestas Book Blog I don't suggest it. Knight plays a big role in this for the heroine (not love interest, just very close connection). But I mean, you always CAN. It's up to you if you really don't think you can handle Knight. I have a review up if it helps... I wavered back and forth on that book but I'm glad I read it.

Brittany thank u, yea i saw your review thats y i asked if i could read this without that lol.

Aestas Book Blog lol. well..... you could .... I think its worth tried Knight though :)

Brittany Ok I will start at knight thank u:)

message 40: by Pinkcaramel (new)

Pinkcaramel I bought this book, just half way reading your review!!!! You are that good, can't wait to read it!!!! Thanks so much for your awesome review, as always!!!

Aestas Book Blog Pinkcaramel wrote: "I bought this book, just half way reading your review!!!! You are that good, can't wait to read it!!!! Thanks so much for your awesome review, as always!!!"

LOL!!! That's awesome ! Happy reading :D

message 42: by Audrey (new)

Audrey Is it okay to read this without reading Knight? O.o I just don't think I can handle Knight because the same reasons you didn't like it that much... :/

Hazel Completely agree with you!

Aestas Book Blog Audrey wrote: "Is it okay to read this without reading Knight? O.o I just don't think I can handle Knight because the same reasons you didn't like it that much... :/"

Technically you can but Knight is in this so you might miss out on context

Aestas Book Blog Hazel wrote: "Completely agree with you!"


Samantha Your reviews always help me make a final decision on whether or not to read a book so thank you. I am still currently reading the book but i don't know. I don't think i will ever get passed the fact that he took the names. It really bothers me because that was something she looked forward to, since forever! I guess i just have to keep reading. but i can't get over that. but anyways, thanks again for your reviews, you are amazing!

Aestas Book Blog Samantha wrote: "Your reviews always help me make a final decision on whether or not to read a book so thank you. I am still currently reading the book but i don't know. I don't think i will ever get passed the fac..."

you're so welcome! I totally know how you're feeling cuz I felt the same way. By the end of it though, I felt differently than I did *while* I was reading it if that helps :)

Wminbc Wow...I find it odd that this one got 6 and Knight was half that??? Interesting take.

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