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The Adventures of Ghetto Sam & Glory of My Demise by Kwame Teague
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Jan 06, 2009

it was amazing

SAY WORD....This here is the illest knowledge on the shelves

Kwame Teague, brings a beguiling adventure about Sam Black who in the middle of New York @ 3 in the morning meets a Honey, and ends up in a world of trouble! No matter how the odds are stacked up against "Ghetto Sam" (our ghetto superhero) he on the face of it finds a window of opportunity in order to advance to the next opponent. Sam kicks it to you straight from the heart with a keen social insight, awareness and an ill sense of humor. (SAY WORD)
My mind is still spinning on how vivid Kwame is on how America and their alliances/enemies role and how destructive it is to our communities, our people, and our way of life. (SAY WORD)

This book, 2 inside of 1 is "THE WHAT'S UP" here and now.

The Glory of my Demise, which is the "Truth," wakes you up! The writer walks you through life from one person through another with both voices, and both outlooks. From one stand point you're listening as he describes in detail how he chose his life and all that being a young black man entails, and in the mist you get to see what someone from the outside eyes see for the first time up close and personal.

This walk of "Truth" opens up one's mind to different things in the "HOOD" that sociologists, psychoanalysts, and psuedo-liberals believe is just some type of wasted lab where left over unwanted people and things are thrown into and they mix and match whatever.

Can you hear Spike standing on the corner screaming...

I need more stars to add to this joint. This is truly what's popping. All you avid readers need to cop this book and fast!


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