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Wicked Road to Hell by Juliana Stone
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We meet our hero, Declan O’Hara, just about from the start. He is sent on a mission by a Seraphim, who is called Bill. It is Bill, a very very powerful being, who saved Declan from the depths of Hell. Declan, who is a powerful sorcerer, now has a dark and more magical side to him, due to his 6 months being tortured by Lillith. When he was rescued by Bill, he became beholden to him to be a warrior of the Seraph, to help fight evil.

The mission sends Declan to find a target that the demons are also looking for, and to bring that target to the Seraphim. He has no idea who the target is, but using his magical ability, he ends up in New Orleans and to an old friend for help. Ransome, is the alpha of the pack in New Orleans, and together they go to this old run down mansion, where Declan can tell a vampire is in residence with someone else.

Here is where we meet our heroine, Ana, who is a vampire. As it turns out, Ana was Declan’s long lost love, whom he watched get killed by his own father two years ago. Declan is shocked to see Ana alive, and with mixed emotions, he pushes his way past Ana to find who she is hiding, and why.

Ana DeLacrux is a tough kick ass heroine, who also unbeknownst to Declan, was brought back from death (though she is the undead), and hell by Bill. The difference is Ana is likes Bill, as is loyal to him for saving her. She is also on an assignment, to protect and take care of young boy from demons or even the Seraphim. Bill obviously uses Ana differently then he does Declan, and the other Seraphs. There is another ulterior motive that we are not privy to at this time. Declan is confused, and unhappy that Bill has not told him about Ana being alive. Ana is determined to protect the teenager, and despite her feelings for Declan, is willing to fight him to protect the boy. Eventually Ana is able to explain that the boy is deserving of protection against the demons, and even the Seraphim who will surely kill him if he doesn’t turn to their way. He bears the Mark of the Seven, that have unknown powers, which will either help or destroy the world, if the seven are all together. Declan agrees to help Ana protect the boy, Kaden, and at the same time try to find out where the others are, and help prevent the wrong hands get ahold of the others.

What ensues is a wonderful action filled story in a dark and dangerous world, where there are demons, vampires, werewolves, seraphs, socerers, not to mention a full blown look at Hell. All through the eyes and imagination of Juliana Stone, and Wow…what a ride this is.As Declan must go to his worst nightmare ….back to Hell and Lilith. He is propositioned by Samael, the chaos demon to find and bring back two other children with the Mark of Seven, who are now under the control of Lilith. Without telling Ana, Declan goes on the ‘wicked road to hell’. Ana and Declan have acknowledge their love for one another, and Ana, once she finds out what Declan is doing, does everything in her power to meet him in Hell, and help him, even if it costs her whatever life she has left.

It was also a great romance between Declan and Ana. I loved them together, and it was their strong love for one another that will help save their lives. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them rediscover their love, their sexual chemistry was great, and their determination to survive against insurmountable odds was awesome. Ana was so great a character, and would do anything to save Declan. Ana, as a vampire not only had to find a way to help Declan fight Lilith; save the children; and also to protect him from her own vampire council. The last half of this book was totally non stop, you could not put the book down, and just when you think it’s time to relax, you are pulled back in.

Juliana Stone has done a fabulous job with this first book, and I for one cannot wait to read her new release King of the Damned. The League of Guardians will continue with many of these characters that we have already met, as they will continue to fight evil, even if those doing the protecting have a bit of evil inside them. Juliana Stone has created a group of Guardians who will come from all types or paranormals, such as the demons, sorcerers, shapeshifters that we have already met. Of course, as in any story, we have our villains, and none could be worse then Lilith. This series promises to be an exciting ride all the way through. I am happy to have found this series.

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