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Immortal Surrender by Claire Ashgrove
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Sep 24, 2012

it was amazing
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4.5 stars

Earlier this year I read the first book in the The Curse Of The Templars series and fell in love at the first chapter. The whole story is so unique and exciting it draws you in from the start and you are left quickly turning pages just to read what will happen next. I love the whole world it is a modern love story with historical men who still have old fashion mannerisms and ways of doing things. The story has sexy immortals, angels and demons with a super hot love story.

... In 1119 Nine knights become the Knights of Templar. The knights discovered the holy relics but for there forbidden digging the angels punished them to spend eternity battling Azazel's creations. With each creature they killed the knights took part of the darkness into there soul and in time would become nothing more than one of Azazel' s minions of evil. The only salvation they have is the prophecy. The female descendant of the nephilim who can heal the darkness in there soul, if the knight can only find his destined Seraph.

When Farran was chosen to escort the doctor , he was not happy. But when he discovers that not only is she a seraph, she's HIS seraph to say he was mad would be a understatement. He wanted nothing to do with bonding to this or any other woman. Not after the last one he gave his heart and loyalty to. But something about this little scrap of a woman is shattering walls he spent a life time building around his heart. If he doesn't let her in and trust her he may loose her forever.

Noelle wasn't sure about these men her boss wanted guarding her wail she delivered the artifact. Then one of the men pretty much kidnaps her and takes her to what she can only fathom is some kind of Jesus cult. As much as this giant brut angers her he also sets her body alive. But how can she trust someone she believes to be crazy?

Noelle was amazing. Normally I do not care for females in the story. Usually they are either to headstrong or way to submissive. But Noelle was a brilliant blend of both. She was shy and insecure but was willing to stand up and fight for herself if the situation warranted it. She didn't make stupid decisions just to prove she was independent. She may not have been confident in herself but she could more than take care of herself. She was exactly what Farran needed to overcome the hurt and betrayal he still harbored from the previous owner of his heart.

Even when Farran was being a jerk to Noelle I loved him. I knew he didn't mean it and why he lashed out so I couldn't help but feel for him instead of getting mad at him for his rude behavior. I love this series I most definitely recommend this series if you have not already checked it out..
- Athenna

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jD I cant figure out how to "like " your review on my Fire will do it when I log on my laptop. I am checking this series out based on what you are saying.

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