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Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec
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Sep 23, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: been-there-done-that, bipolar-alert, blah

How, in the name of all that is holly can people call this book funny?

My inner goddess tried explaining this to me, since she is currently bored because I don’t have a dysfunctional abuser in my life that can defeat me with his enormous&skilled penis….just a really sweet and ordinary fiancé. Poor little me. Erm….her….us! Whatever.

”Din, this book is funny because it has such a humongous amount of funny scenes!” she told me brightly.

Ah, well then. Ok.
Wait! Sorry! It’s not ok! That’s not funny! That’s just a bunched up sequence of meant-to-be-funny plotlines that all just jumped out of nowhere. I felt like I was watching a Laugh factory production…on a really bad night. With lots of comedians that just tried too hard!

Why do people find these characters likable?!

”Din, you stupid girl! Don’t make me slap you with a tampon! How can you even ask such a thing??” the inner goddess shrieked.

Because they are NOT likable. Frankly, if I were to be given a gun with one single bullet and made to choose between killing the male OR the female protagonist, I would shoot MYSELF in the head.

Was the cursing baby supposed to be a funny version of a realistic child? A child that was a bit dysfunctional, a bit fond of curse words, an a bit normally unnatural?

Yes, Din-Din. No slap slap on your fine little tush tonight, you naughty girl! You FINALLY got something right!

Oh, really? Because that toddler terrifies me. He was so over the top, it was scary. I think I will brake out in a cold sweat every time I think there may be a child like this somewhere in the world. Some readers call him Gavin. Some “the potty mouthed todler”. I call him El Diablo . He knows everything. He speaks about your sex life. He makes the nice old lady down the street scream in fear. And he does it all while cursing like a sailor.

Carter and Claire are parents? And….why didn’t we call the social service?

I am getting pissed off! Don’t be so mean to these wonderful characters! It’s not their fault your sex life is dull! Your “down there” must be very lonely!

Yeaaaah. Hm. Again --> ok. But really. All kidding aside. Being and unfit parent is NOT funny. Or sexy. Or even cute.

Look. I get why people see this book as original. I get that we all need a bit of laughter in our lives. It’s just that………..how about a real plot? Or real character development? Maybe lines that don’t sound like something a pet parrot would say?
Eh. Am I growing old and cranky, spreading unwarranted hate?
I don’t think so. I honestly see this book as something that has too much of everything. Too much effort, too much slap stick comedy, too much fake drama. Just….too much.

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Blacky *Romance Addict* Well. I bow to you to be able to read this. I certainly couldn't. Saw lots of quotes and it was beyond enough for me to know I wouldn't like it. The humor here, hm to me it doesn't look like real witty humor. It's just saying shocking things all the time, along with cursing and whatnot. Great review Dinjolina!

NiteReader I'm with you Dinjolina, I really didn't like this book. Most of my GR buds loved it! WTF!

Dinjolina @Blaky - shlihtaro. :)

All joking aside, I did not laugh AT ALL during this read. I was just going --> O.O the whole time.

NiteReader JennyJen wrote: "I contemplated reading this after everyone on GR gushed and gushed, but hell to the no. Nothing worse than books that try too hard to be funny. Cough*Charley Davidson*cough."

Good choice! You're not missing anything.

Ashley I didnt like this book at all. And completely agree with you that it is not funny.

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