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The World of Gurus by Vishal Mangalwadi
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Oct 31, 2016

really liked it
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Possibly the worst book cover I have ever seen. There's a part in the book where a Guru has people sit on his lap and he licks their heads: even THAT would have made a better cover. Seriously, I can't get that image out of my mind.

But this is one fascinating book. Here a Christian explores very fully the world of Indian Gurus. Most of these explorations are based off of Hindu Gurus. But it seems Buddhist type Gurus aren't really much different; After all - The Buddha came out of Hinduism, adjusted a few things, and Buddhism was established. Let the insanity, head-licking and contradictions fly.

Yep, Gurus are bowed before, occasionally worshiped, deeply respected, obeyed without question, and sometimes simply IGNORED (that would be by ME!). Thankfully we have books like this that challenge the crap Gurus insist is absolute, or absolutely not absolute. You'll see that Gurus don't like to be questioned: they prefer to live in contradictions and illusion. I don't know where the head-licking part comes in... Sure, all religions are somewhat weird. Thankfully Jesus only washed feet. Give me a talking donkey anyday.

Here we go through a quick history of Gurus, we even get to the silliness of the Beatles and their short stint with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. (they eventually just got bored and walked away from him - typical musicians).
The problem with these Gurus is they all spout basically the same nonsense: There is a god, they are god, we are god, god is everything, there is no god. What the? Yep - that's the nonsense alright. Like looking for tasty chocolate in a mountain of crap. There's better places to buy some chocolate. Just saying! It does seem the less sense and facts a Guru toys with the deeper and more philosophical he is said to be.

There is a fun chapter on the Hare Krishna's. Now that's just comic gold. Sure there's always some people from the East that'll embrace any freaky teaching whatsoever: but it takes dumb gullible white folk from the west to really make a New Religion take off.
As noble as some people think these Guru teachings are: even the Hare Krishna's used the Caste system of Hinduism and played favorite enlightened chosen ones when it got them money/power/and sexy women. The Hare's began opening resort-like tourist centers for the wealthy and fast-tracking those with money and influence to the front of the spiritual line. Like all of them: it became a religion for the rich. Basically no Guru stays poor: it's all about the Bling and Bimbos - basically a Thug Life for the middle-east.

Today, the west has Deepak Chopra filling our tv screens and enlightening the masses with pseudo-spirituality and scientific babble that has never seen a lab.
"Join Oprah and Deepak to connect with your innate core of peace and love. Leave self-judgment and conflict behind as you transform every relationship into one ..."
What does that even mean?

It is amusing that many of these Hindu type religions mention Jesus. Most insist that Hinduism is older than Christianity and the Bible. (I'm not convinced. Jesus goes back to Genesis and Creation itself). But either way: they are desperate to get a piece of Jesus and His very successful organization. Guru's will often mention Jesus as a fellow traveler or similar teacher to them. Hmmm... I'll just stick with the Real biblical Jesus. Thanks.

I recall some Hindu tales claiming the world is sitting on Elephants and Turtles, I'll have to look that up.
"The Amarakosha (5th century) lists the names of eight male elephants bearing the world (along with eight unnamed female elephants). "
Mostly I'm sure about Hindu monkey gods stealing other gods wives - I'd rather that than sitting around licking some disciples head. What a strange planet we live on.

The final chapter is about the only Guru that ever made sense: Jesus of the Bible.
I don't technically label him a Guru - but in some ways He is. Awesomely He succeeded where every other Guru failed: NO sex, NO Bling, No Earthly power or politics, NO violence. And you can't buy your way into His personal Paradise Kingdom. Simple Love and Justice. Absolutely.

I look forward to reading this book again some day.
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