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it was ok
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** spoiler alert ** It was over a year ago that I read The Emerald Atlas and the length of time separating these two books could not have helped how I viewed this one. Still, even without coming to this volume fresh from the first, I found this one less enjoyable for three core reasons.

1. I did not understand (and still am failing to grasp) the manner in which the Dire Magnus is perpetuating his life.

The life of the universe is not a straight line. Rather, imagine a circle. And along the circle, the universe is born, destroys itself, and is born again, over and over, endlessly. Just as the universe is reborn over and over, so is everything in it. And what the Dire Magnus did was to make contact with those earlier versions of the universe, to reach into them and pluck out his other selves and bring them here. But then he threw these other selves out across time, each further than the last, like stones tossed into the ocean, so that every few hundred years, another would be born into this world.

So, the Dire Magnus creates this so-called "living bridge" and as each Magnus grows old, he has to go find his younger self and transfer his memories and power to that one. I am sorry, but I just don't understand it and thus I am severely frustrated.

2. Love interest and future Dire Magnus Rafe. I did not find myself emotionally connected to Rafe at all. Jake and Beetles were more endearing. His instant attraction for Katherine to the point of giving himself up to become the person who will kill hundreds all in pursuit of power is just sad. *frustration level increases*

3. For no particular reason, I was simply not as engaged with Katherine, Emma and Michael in this one. The story did not go in the direction that I thought it would.

I did really like Michael's character development and Princess Wilamina and her elves. That was about it. It was another middle book that felt like if it was more tightly plotted could have been just two books. I will probably read the final book...

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Quotes Miss Clark Liked

John  Stephens
“The point of life isn't to avoid pain. The point of life is to be alive! To feel things. That means the good and the bad. There'll be pain. But also joy, and friendship and love. And it's worth it, believe me.”
John Stephens, The Fire Chronicle

John  Stephens
“He remembered the darkness and despair she'd suffered during her long years as a prisoner, but he also recalled the deep, unquenchable joy she took from the world around her; and he knew that given the choice, Wilamena would suffer all she had and more rather than sacrifice one day of being alive.

It was just as his father had said. She chose life, all of it.”
John Stephens, The Fire Chronicle

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