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Married to a Married Man by Nathanial Portis
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Jan 04, 2009

really liked it
Read in January, 2009

Make the money don’t let the money make you

Santee Mitchell just cannot catch a break. Santee picks the wrong men and keeps coming up short with her money. She has a low paying job that barely keeps the lights on, and has her hiding from the repo man and ducking bill collector’s phone calls. The only family she has is a sister who she is convinced wishes she was never born. Santee does have a sister-friend Delaree who has her back though thick and thin. Santee’s friend Monique comes to her with a plan to get out of debt and put some much-needed cash in to her pockets. After considering and taking the deal; her life takes a drastic change for the worst. With this deal, she has sold her soul to the devil. Can she step away unscathed? On the other hand, will she be trapped with no way out? Find the answer in this fast-paced novel.

I really enjoyed “All that Glitters.” The title was perfect for the subject of this book. Author D.L. Sparks tells a compelling story of a woman trying to make ends meet on short money. While I am sure somewhere, somebody is living the nightmare that Santee has put herself in and this book could help him or her by learning from the characters mistakes. This book is written where I could feel the character emotions. I was impressed with the characters devolvement and the fact that D.L had no useless characters in this book. With only about seven character in the book with mention of a few more that made it interesting the story came together quite lovely. The editing was good. I had just two questions how did Eric learn Santee’s real name as he only knew her as babygirl? In addition with Eric; what motivated him I understood his story just not, why he fell for Santee so hard.

I will be looking for future project of Ms. Sparks.

SiStar Tea
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4.5 Star rating

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