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Mind Hunter  by John E. Douglas
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Jan 04, 2009

really liked it
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Read in April, 2009

I first read this in college in my Intro to Psychology class in 2001. I had nightmares for weeks but was strangely drawn to it and kept it on my bookcase for 8 years and here I am rereading it again. Apparently, I've been quite desensitized to the material. Whether it be from watching too many hours of A & E and Crime TV or whether my profession working with juveniles for the Department of Corrections is to blame, I am uncertain. Only one story had me reeling this time. Douglas paints a bleak picture, touching on many serial killers, murderers, and rapists. Do I fully agree with what Mr. Douglas is saying about profiling? I'm not sure. Some things are pretty generic and seem to be resultant of common sense. Did others use these techniques before Douglas? Again I don't know. Overall a compelling read but not for those who are squeemish.

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Reading Progress

02/24/2009 page 58
13.43% ""It's what we are"- used in describing criminals- I struggle with the finality of this especially in my profession"
03/22/2009 page 105
24.31% ""homicidal triad" 1. cruelty to animals 2. bed wetting beyond normal age 3. firestarting (all juvenile traits)"
03/22/2009 page 106
24.54% "Killers often look to become law enforcement because of their want for power- makes sense- do I buy all that this book is telling me? IDK"
03/24/2009 page 139
32.18% "Loners who obsessively journal write resembles an assasin personality?"
04/21/2009 page 197
45.6% ""Everyone has a rock" a.k.a. a triggering stressor- it just has to be found."
04/25/2009 page 272
62.96% "Beings as the Volkswagon "Beetle" (Bug) was such a popular car with killers-I'll never look at it the same again"
04/25/2009 page 308
71.3% "The first time I read this book, I had nightmares for weeks. This time, the Smith case is the first one that is bothering me- A LOT!"
04/26/2009 page 350
81.02% ""Good behavior in prison isn't necessarily predictive of acceptable behavior in the outside world" "dangerous is situational""

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